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The Friends Of Helmdon Churchyard

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Helmdon Parish Church and Churchyard
Helmdon Parish Church and Churchyard

The Friends of Helmdon Churchyard is an agency of the P.C.C with its own chairman, secretary and convener. Anyone who has an interest in the care of the burial ground is a member but we should like to know who you are! Please get in touch with Conrad Woolley (760267) or Judy Cairns (760537) if you can support us, even if it is only from your armchair. We need you …..really! We hope that those of you who do wander into its peacefulness will appreciate the gradual improvements being made to show that we care.

Judy Cairns
(01295) 768913

Conrad Woolley, Church Warden in 2003, wrote.....

Peace and tranquillity. That's what some visitors say about the Churchyard. Come on, Helmdonites, have you wandered up there recently?

You can follow the narrow, mown path between the Church and road double bend and you will come to the Garden of Rest where ashes are interred. You will find a seat where you can rest a moment, with the Church, Saturday House and the ancient Great Yew tree ahead of you.

Walk on down past the newest graves and look over the valley, beyond the sheep and horses, towards Astwell and further, if the weather allows.

By now you are appreciating the wonder of all this creation - the span of age from the smallest insect to the largest yew. Where do you fit in?

Leave this computer and take a walk up there in the air.

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