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Village Notice Board


Worker’s Educational Association

(WEA) Helmdon Branch

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Tuesday, 05 April 2011 at 8:00pm

Helmdon Reading Room



1.      Chair’s welcome

2.      Apologies for absence

3.      Minutes of AGM, 30 March 2010

4.      Matters arising from the minutes

5.      Secretary’s report

6.      Treasurer’s report

7.      Election of officers and auditor for 2011/12

8.      Courses for 2011/12 and beyond

9.      Summer trip

10.    Suggestions for winter event

11.    Any other business 

Cheese and wine will be served after the formalities. 

Anyone interested in adult education

in Helmdon is very
welcome to attend this meeting.

You will be able to meet local WEA members
and find out what is going on at your local WEA branch.

For more information contact Richard Farquharson (01295 760079)

The Reading Room will be open from 7:45pm.

Please note: AGM will start promptly at 8 pm.


Workers’ Educational Association, registered charity number 1112775.
Company limited by guarantee in England & Wales number 2806910.
Registered office: 4 Luke Street, London EC2A 4XW
Website: www.wea.org.uk


home > parish council > village notice board > wea agm

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