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Seeking feedback on food waste

Residents’ views are being sought on the idea of introducing weekly food waste collections as part of changes to the recycling and waste collection service.

South Northamptonshire Council has produced a simple questionnaire, available on the council's website, to gauge initial public support for the idea.

Food waste collections would help cut down the amount of rubbish going to landfill while producing something useful into the bargain.

The food would go to an anaerobic digestion plant where, as it breaks down into compost, it produces methane which is then burned to produce electricity. The compost can also be used as a soil conditioner meaning nothing is wasted.

Less waste to landfill means lower costs, helping to keep the council's costs down and protect frontline services.

Councillor Dermot Bambridge, SNC’s portfolio holder for environment and waste management, said: "Weekly food collection would be an improvement, which I hope all residents would welcome. It has several benefits which include reducing the amount of waste sent to expensive landfill, less risk of smells and experience shows that it actually helps families reduce food bills through greater awareness of waste.

“We would be able to bid for Government funding for this change which, if successful, would reduce our costs further.

"As well as the economic and hygienic benefits, the process the food waste goes through creates useable energy and compost. In short it would save money - helping keep down council tax - and helps the environment."

Anyone wishing to comment on the plan can email foodwaste@southnorthants.gov.ukor fill in the questionnaire online.

There is a link to the questionnaire on the council’s website: www.southnorthants.gov.uk.










home > parish council > village notice board > seeking feedback on food waste


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