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Awards 4 All England Regional Pilot

Projects throughout England now have the opportunity to apply for repeat and on-going activities under Awards for All in a pilot scheme running until the end of March 2013.

Currently Awards for All does not fund on-going, regular or repeat activities, as the programme has focused on ‘new’ project ideas. However, in these challenging times we are increasingly aware of the pressures smaller groups face with rising costs and cuts to funding, and want to respond to this by looking at alternative ways of funding projects that support those most in need.

Following a successful six month pilot in the West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber, we are now rolling out the pilot across England.

This pilot will open out the criteria to all projects where the applicant has an income of less than (or equal to) £30,000 according to their latest accounts.

We envisage this pilot running until 31 March 2013. Any applications received for repeat and on-going activities over this time period, and meeting the criteria above, will be assessed in the normal way.

If you would like to speak to someone further about how this affects projects in your region please contact the BIG advice line on 0845 4 10 20 30.



home > parish council > village notice board > awards for all

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