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Village Notice Board


Press Release


Date: 17 July 2012


Issue: SNCPR036


For immediate release



Don’t be taken in, it could cost you and your friends money


South Northamptonshire householders are being warned to exercise caution if they are targeted by a private company offering a possible cut in their council tax.


Manchester-based Randall & Vickers offers to challenge council tax bands on behalf of residents and will do so on a no-win no-fee basis.  If they are successful however they will take a quarter of all monies refunded, plus the VAT.


Cllr Ian McCord, portfolio holder for resources and change management, said:  “We are aware that a number of residents have been approached by this company and I would advise them to throw the letters in the bin.


“Anyone who has a genuine reason to believe their property has been incorrectly valued can appeal to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) direct.  If their appeal is successful they will keep all of the refund.”


Householders should also be aware that the VOA has the right to increase the valuation band of a home and that of neighbouring properties, should an appeal be unsuccessful.


For more information on council tax bands visit www.direct.gov.uk   or

 www.southnorthants.gov.uk.  Those wishing to appeal against a council tax band should contact the Valuation Office Agency direct on 03000 501501.




  • South Northamptonshire Council does not decide the banding for council tax but is responsible for its collection from households in the district 
  • If a resident is having difficulty in paying their council tax they should phone 01327 322166.




home > parish council > village notice board > press release re council tax cuts


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