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CKERs Youth Club  - Sunday 23rd at the Church, 6:30pm-7:45

This is the first CKERs of the school year will be a games night in the Church. We're particularly interested in getting the new year 5s to come along. The session is £2 per child, it would be great if parents can bring new kids along for at least the first session.

We'll have air-hockey and table-tennis set up as well as some board games and craft activities, but if they want to bring their own games along they're more than welcome.

Next month we'll have pizza making and we're trying to organise other events for November and December - possibly a night-hike, maybe a party. Whatever it is, it will be on the Ckers programme on the website.


Andrew Hart (email) 01295 760130

Rachel Berk-May

and Jo Dunkley


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home > parish council > village notice board > ckers


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