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van with recylcled wasteo

Phillip's loaded van



A massive thank you to all those who dug out old electrical equipment and plastic bags to help me with my Zero waste Week challenge on 4 September. As you can see from the picture the total was impressive in quantity and variety.

Items ranged from the large - a lawnmower- to the tiny a mini-computer mouse and the modern - a broadband router - to the venerable - an electric drill, still in its original box and priced at £10 - 7s - 6d!

Those items which did not work have now been recycled. Those which still worked but have seen better days have been passed on for reuse and those which work and are in decent condition will shortly go to the British Heart Foundation for resale to support their work.

Phillip Ward

Zero Waste  Week


Zero Waste Week starts on 3 September. I have been challenged to do something locally to increase recycling - going beyond what is collected routinely from our houses by the council. I have decided to concentrate on 2 things where recycling is possible but where it is not easy for everyone to do it. The two are plastic carrier bags and small electrical appliances.


I plan to park my van outside the Reading Room on 4 September to make it easy for those attending the village cafe or the Post Office. I would like your help by bringing along all those carrier bags that may have built up in your kitchen drawer and other similar plastic bags like bread wrappers or the small ones used for vegetables that you would otherwise throw away.

I would also like any old electrical appliances - radios, hair dryers, toothbrushes, fan heaters, kettles, toasters -  in fact anything with a plug or a battery. If you think anything still works please let me know and I will take it to the British Heart Foundation which specialises in reselling for charity. Broken equipment can still be recycled.


British households are still sending 10 million tonnes of material to landfill every year while 80% of UK manufacturers are reporting problems in getting raw materials. Thank you for your help.



Phillip Ward

Tree Warden


01280 851180





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