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Good news for domestic oil users

First year savings. The Northants ACRE bulk oil buying scheme for oil users throughout Northamptonshire has now completed a very successful first year of operation. Individual members are enjoying average savings of around £80 per year. We’d be delighted if you’d like to join our growing membership as this will help to maximise our ability to negotiate the lowest possible prices for the benefit of all. Now would be a great time to join the syndicate and get the benefits for your heavy winter usage.

Dual Fuel opportunity. We are currently investigating a new opportunity for further savings for those who use both oil and electricity. Our professional negotiators would be able to take the electricity needs of our oil members and negotiate bulk purchase of their electricity too. A dual fuel opportunity for those reliant on oil! However, before we take this further we would ask for your feedback as to whether it is something that would be of interest to you.

For more details on these opportunities, please contact Northants ACRE.


01604 765888

We are a non-profit countywide organisation whose purpose is to support the needs of those in Northamptonshires’s villages and rural areas.


OR get in touch with THE VILLAGE CONTACT: Bill England

(-01295) 760744







home > parish council > village notice board > good news for domestic oil users


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