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Stray and Lost Dogs


Stray dogs are the responsibility of the local authority.   If you find a stray dog you should, under the law, return the dog to the owner or contact the local borough or district council for the area in which the dog was found.

If you have lost a dog, contact the council area in which the dog was lost to establish whether or not it has been located.  Local vets and animal charities are also good sources for helping to trace a lost dog.

It is a legal requirement that your dog should have a collar and tag to ensure that it is quickly returned to you if it strays or is lost.  It may be beneficial to get it microchipped and keep your contact details up to date on the database.

The contact number for South Northamptonshire Council is 01327 322322.

For more information about dog related laws, including illegal dogs, go to www.northants.police.uk and click on the Dog Legislation link under Help & Advice on the home page.


Message sent by

Lynne Rosher C0997 (Police, Corporate Communications, Northamptonshire )   09.03.13

 Dog Kidnapping Rumours

There are a lot of rumours and speculation being passed around social networking sites across the UK in relation to dogs being kidnapped and stickers being used to identify where dogs live.

We work with facts and in Northamptonshire we are not aware of any incidents of stickers being used. This is believed to be a hoax, details of which are here, http://www.snopes.com/crime/warnings/dogstickers.asp

We have had one suspicious incident where someone walking a dog was approached in Brackley, however, we have no reports of dogs having been taken. Officers are making enquiries into the circumstances of the Brackley incident.

Also, no officers have been out going door-to-door in Towcester, issuing advice to dog owners.

Dog owners are encouraged to make sure they keep their dogs on leads at all times and be alert to what is happening while they are walking.



home > parish council > village notice board > police notice: stray and lost dogs and dog kidnapping rumours

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