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UP-Date Saturday 12 October

The Wind Farm Inquiry will continue at SNC [from Tuesday 15 October] next week although the actual decision will be made by Eric Pickles. The reason the Government has called in the decision is because it feels that Inspectors are not following new policy guidelines regarding taking heed of community opinion. It is therefore EVEN more important that you try to attend a session this week or next if you feel strongly about this. Broadview's barrister has already commented that there are not many local people at the inquiry. The sessions run Tuesday to Friday starting at 10 and breaking for lunch between approx. 1 and 2pm. On Tuesday Broadview's expert on landscape will be presenting his evidence and will then be cross examined by SNC's and HSGWAG's legal team. It should be an interesting session. On Wednesday Richard Hall from NCC will be giving evidence regarding rights of way.

You can arrive and leave at any point during the proceedings but if you go please sign in on the attendance register. Even if you can spare just half an hour it WILL make a difference. Please share this post with friends not on this group to ensure the message gets through.

Wind Farm Inquiry is at SNC offices at Springfields, Towcester. Sessions run from 10am, Tuesday to Friday
Liz Hart (Parish Clerk) has a copy of the programme if anyone wishes to know roughly who is appearing when.

Urgent Request: Please Support The Wind Farm Inquiry


The second Wind Farm inquiry started on Tuesday 8th October at South Northants Council, Springfields, Towcester. The inquiry will run until 25th October. Several people have told me today that they were unaware that this was taking place already and hence this email. If you still feel strongly about the Wind Farm proposal please do try and come along to show support/sign in. The session starts at 10.00am with a break for lunch at around 1pm and finishes about 4.30pm (except Friday when the inspector will be making site visits - possibly an excellent time to walk your dog/ride your horse/bicycle in and around the surrounding area to show this is an area much used by the locals?!). 


Whilst most people will obviously not be in a position to attend the whole hearing, even if you could make a quick appearance, it would demonstrate to the Planning Inspector that this is still something we as locals still feel very strongly about. You do not have to wait until a break to enter and leave the inquiry - providing you are quiet.  It is possible to sit in for just a short period of time.  Thank you again for your support.

Gerry Neuhoff





home > parish council > village notice board > support the wind farm inquiry

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