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2013 Ward Cluster Update from your Safer Community Team (SCT)


Wards covered in this update


Danvers & Wardoun



Clive Ashmore                James Reid

PCSO                           PC


Locally Identified Priorities


You Said


We Did

Speeding operations have been carried out in the following locations:

o Brackley Road, Halse

o High Street, Wappenham

o Wappenham Road, Abthorpe

o Canons Ashby Road, Moreton Pinkney

The majority of vehicles were being driven within the speed limit, with some drivers being stopped and given warnings. An ongoing programme of speed operations is planned throughout 2013.

You Said

Thefts from Rural Locations

We Did

High Visibility Patrols have been carried out in the rural locations and a numberof suspicious vehicles have been stopped.

Village Parish AGM’s have been attended and crime reports given for their village.

Officers have visited and given talks to Primary Schools with more planned

Activities and Events

Brackley SCT are offering a Tack Marking service to help identify any saddles should they be stolen. Please take advantage of this service which is FREE bycontacting the below E-mail or Telephone number.

Incidents and Crimes of Note

The Brackley Area is suffering from an increased number of thefts from motorvehicles. Most are the removal of the number plates which are later used in crime.

Please secure your number plates with non-reversable srcews which can be obtained from any good DIY store.



home > parish council > village notice board > police notice: locally identified priorities

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