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Press Release


Date: 09 April 2013

Issue: SNCPR1991

For Immediate Release


Real Nappy Week

South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) is reminding people of Real Nappy Week (15 – 21 April) and is asking parents to think twice about how they use nappies with their babies.

Most nappies are made from plastic, which does not rot down; in fact, the first disposable nappies that were ever used, decades ago, will still be sitting in a landfill site today. A financially and environmentally costly and wasteful habit, you might think!

Councillor Dermot Bambridge, portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “The UK throws away 3 billion nappies every year. But there is an alternative that is not only good for the environment, but good for your pocket too.

“Real nappies can last for years so you can achieve further savings by using them again as your family grows.”

Using ‘real’ nappies instead of disposables can reduce your baby’s impact on the environment by up to 40% and can save you at least £500 over your child’s nappy-wearing period. This also takes into account the costs of extra washing, which comes to a surprisingly small sum of just £1 per week.
If you are a Northamptonshire resident, you can borrow a nappy trial kit to try out Real Nappies with your child. Please contact Waste Services if you would like to borrow a trial kit. There is also a cashback scheme running if you buy Northamptonshire Real Nappies.

Real Nappy myths:
• You don’t need to sterilise, scrub or soak them. Liners are used for ease and cleanliness.
• You don’t need to boil wash them (40 or 60 degrees is recommended).
• You don’t need to fold them. You can still buy traditional Terries squares, but many nappies now are already shaped, much like underpants or disposable nappies.
• There are no pins involved - pins have been replaced with Velcro, poppers or plastic grip fastenings.
• Plus, modern nappies come in a variety of different fabrics and fun, colourful designs.


Press contact:
Tamika Short
Communications and PR Assistant
South Northamptonshire Council
NN12 6AE
Tel: 01327 322312








home > parish council > village notice board > real nappy week

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