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Wind Turbine Proposal: HSGWAG update


We know that many of you have already recorded your

objection to the wind farm development with SouthNorthants Council and the Planning Inspectorate and that some of you have also written to the Secretary of State, EricPickles. We thank everyone for showing support in this way.

On 6th June Eric Pickles issued a statement saying that the country’s requirements for renewable wind energy should not override local concerns and that turbines should not be erected in face of local opposition. We therefore feel it very important to restate feelings towards the proposed Broadview development for 5 turbines, 125 metres tall, along the Welsh Lane. Andrea Leadsom, our MP believes it would be extremely helpful to our case if the Secretary of State is left in no doubt regarding the opposition of local residents to this development and has offered to collate  and forward any objections sent to her to Eric Pickles. Anyone who objects should contact Andrea Leadsom:


Email: andrea.leadsom.mp@parliament.uk


Hard copy: Andrea Leadsom, Member of Parliament for

South Northamptonshire, House of Commons, London,



It would be best if everyone wrote their own individual

letters but as a guide your letter could read something like:

"I am writing to express my opposition to the proposal to

erect 5 wind turbines each 125 metres tall along the B4525between Greatworth and Helmdon. Such structures in our local landscape are totally inappropriate. The countryside here is small, intimate and tranquil. Giant turbines will be alien to the landscape and the incremental noise risks its peaceful nature. I am aware that these turbines will be the subject of a Planning Inquiry in October. Our opposition to the turbines will be made clear at the inquiry but I want to register my opposition with you and request that you do all in your power to ensure this opposition is known to everyone who needs to be aware of it."

In the meantime our legal team is working hard on our behalf to prepare for the inquiry; you may see our experts visiting affected areas. We thank everyone who has donated to these costs and we also hope you will show support for us by attending the HSWAG event on Sat. 24th August.





home > parish council > village notice board > letter to Andrea Leadsom

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