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It's Bin So Far So Good


Many thanks to those who replied to my questionnaire about the new recycling service.


The majority view is clearly that the new system is an improvement, with 95% saying they found the new arrangements easier than the old. And you are reporting that the change has led to at least a little increase in the amount put out for recycling – which was the point of the change after all.


Most people are also using the new food waste collection too, although 1 in 5 say that they don’t. Perhaps they are feeding leftovers to their dog or composting it instead.


The main gripe seems to be over the size of the blue bins, which a number of people find too small to fit all their cardboard in. That led to a number of calls for either larger bins or weekly collections of blue bins.


Some people thought that they did not need such a large black bin anymore and apparently South Northants Council are prepared to replace the large bins with a smaller one if you ask. That would free up a bit of space.


A lot of people were interested in having more information about what happens to the recycling once it’s collected and in how Helmdon is doing on recycling compared to other villages. Perhaps it should feature in the Village of the Year scoring?


There still seemed some confusion about what could be included in the recycling with some people unaware that plastic meat trays (best to rinse them first), and screw tops off jars and wine bottles can already be recycled


Suggestions for other things that could be included in the recycling included plant pots, plastic film/bubble wrap and paints and other liquids that can’t be put down the drain.  In view of this I will organise a collection of plant pots and paint for recycling as my contribution to Zero Waste Week in September, to follow on from the collection of old electrical equipment I did last year. More details to follow.



Phillip Ward





home > parish council > village notice board > it's bin so far so good

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