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WIND FARM ENQUIRY: Urgent situation


HSGWAG has been very busy preparing for the inquiry (due to begin on Tuesday 8th October) with our barrister and expert witnesses. 

As we have previously advised we were unsure of the costs that we would face for this inquiry and we knew we might have to raise further funds. Although in July we were successful in raising the target of £70,000 for the next stage of this legal process, unfortunately the costs of the necessary planning evidence required have been higher than first expected.  This is mainly due to the new guidance on the planning regime for onshore wind farms that was released during the summer. We are therefore making a plea to all Helmdon residents (to both those who have supported us previously and to those who may not have yet donated) to consider making a donation.

The HSGWAG committee cannot emphasise enough how much we really do hugely appreciate all the donations we have received thus far, from the first initial inquiry a couple of years ago to the recent high court action and now to this planning inquiry. At this late stage, with the inquiry less than three weeks away, if we are unable to raise the extra funds, the only way of saving money would be to reduce the attendance of our expert witnesses at the inquiry to the barest minimum to present their evidence.  However, our barrister advises that their non-availability to him at other times could seriously weaken the overall case.  The whole of the HSGWAG Committee has therefore resolved to do our utmost to raise the further monies that we need.  Our fighting, alongside SNC, with our barrister and our expert witnesses presenting the strong arguments that have been developed gives us the best chance of success.  Any financial support you can give at this late stage would be more than gratefully received. 

Should you (or your neighbours and friends in the area) wish to make a contribution, we would appreciate it if you could send or deliver a cheque made payable to HSGWAG to the HSGWAG Treasurer at the following address: Mrs Gerry Neuhoff, Stonecroft, 61 Wappenham Road, Helmdon, Brackley, Northants, NN13 5QA (please could you include a note with your name, address and email address).




home > parish council > village notice board > wind farm inquiry: urgent situation

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