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Village Notice Board


Date: 22 January 2013

Issue: SNCST1927

For Immediate Release


Waste and recycling collections update

The following applies to the households that were due a collection on Monday 21 Jan and Tuesday 22 Jan.

If your bins and boxes were due to be emptied on Mon 21 Jan or Tue 22 Jan then they will not be emptied this week so please take them back onto your property.

Assuming the weather improves we plan to catch up with these bins next Monday and Tuesday (Jan 28 & Jan 29).

For these collections:

There will be no green bin collections as black bins are the priority. Please put out your black bin out for collection. If you have any extra rubbish because your bin was missed then please place this next to your bin and it will be collected when your bin is emptied.

Please put both recycling boxes out. We will empty the box that is due this week according to the calendar. As far as possible we will try to also empty the box that was missed on 21 & 22 Jan . If we are unable to empty the box that was missed then please put it out along with any extra recycling on your next scheduled collection.

From week commencing Monday 4 February 2013 collections should return to normal. Please refer to the calendar that was sent to you in December or go to our website to download a new one. Extra garden waste and Christmas trees will be collected when your green bin is next emptied (we apologise that some green bins have not been emptied for some time).

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. The safety of the public and our collection teams is very important and we are working hard to keep disruption to a minimum.

Press contact:
Tamika Short
Communications and PR Assistant




home > parish council > village notice board > waste and recycling collections update

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