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Firewords That Everyone Can Enjoy

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Press Release

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For Immediate Release

Fireworks that everyone can enjoy

With Guy Fawkes Night on 5 November not far away South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) is urging residents to be considerate to their neighbours when organising bonfire night festivities. 

The Council is advising anyone planning a bonfire party to follow a few simple guidelines to reduce the risk of causing a nuisance:

• Give neighbours a few days notice of your display

• Use appropriate fireworks – when buying fireworks, try to avoid really noisy ones.

• Carefully follow safety information supplied with fireworks

• Make sure pets and other animals are safely away from fireworks

• Consider timing if you are using fireworks for a celebration, a Friday or a Saturday is preferable

• Avoid letting off fireworks in unsuitable weather – if it is still and misty or air quality is poor, pollution could be a problem  
• Let off your fireworks in open garden areas – noise bounces off buildings and smoke and pollution build up in enclosed spaces

• If a neighbour complains that you are disturbing them, their pets or livestock, be considerate

• After your display, clear up firework fall out and dispose of it safely.

Councillor Dermot Bambridge, portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “If you are planning to have fireworks and or a bonfire, please think beforehand about safety and your neighbours, particularly those with animals and very small children."

If you are bothered by fireworks please contact:

• Northamptonshire Police on 101 if fireworks are being let off in the street or outside the permitted times

• Trading Standards on 0300 126 1000 if the fireworks appear to be sold outside the permitted times to underage persons

• South Northamptonshire Council on 01327 322323 if someone is persistently letting off fireworks on their property during permitted times and you feel that it is causing a nuisance. 

Whatever the celebration it is important to follow the firework safety code printed in the box of fireworks to help avoid any injuries. 

Clare Smith
Communications and PR Officer
South Northamptonshire Council
01327 322305


Find us on Twitter: @SNorthantsC







home > parish council > village notice board > fireworks that everyone can enjoy


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