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We’ve seen first hand recently how much damage can be caused in an emergency.

It’s the county council Emergency Planning team’s job to make sure that Northamptonshire is as prepared as it can be for extreme weather, an accident, or other circumstances that might put us at risk.

Resources on the ground and community preparedness are vital to ensure that danger and lasting damage caused in an incident is minimised.

To do this, we need your help.

Get involved in Emergency Planning


What could I do to help in an emergency?

  • Join the Emergency Response Corps – As a member of the Corps, you’ll be trained and ready to join the Emergency Planning Team when they need your help. You’ll help run reception centres providing a base for emergency service personnel and a refuge for evacuees. 
  • Volunteer with our Partners – We work closely with all the emergency service providers and supporting organisations who also rely on volunteer support. 
  • Become a Community Coordinator – We’ve created a Self-Help Template so you can make sure your community is ready to respond to an emergency as soon as it starts. 
  • Make sure you’re ready at home – Do you know what you and your family would do if there was an emergency close to home? Find out how you can be best prepared.

Volunteer with our Emergency Service Partners



home > parish council > village notice board > emergency planning

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