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Bus Service Changes



The Demand Responsive bus service “County Connect” launched in 2011 following a review of contracted services in Northamptonshire.   This operation comprises five vehicles operating in Welland Valley, Daventry, Brackley, Towcester and Banbury in the west of the County.  At present, four of these vehicles operate at peak commuting time with an additional fifth vehicle available off-peak.


As a service for which passengers must pre-book journeys, usage data is accurately gathered by our call centre and this data has enabled a review of the service following three years of operation to ensure the resources deployed in these areas are correct and proportionate.  As a consequence, some changes will come in to operation from the 1st of September, 2014 and the number of buses available will now be down to four at all times of day in the west of the County.



Summary of service changes:


·         The County Connect services in the Welland Valley, Daventry, Towcester and Brackley area, with present require 4 buses to operate at peak commuting times and 5 buses to operate during the daytime, will be restructured into a four bus service all day by consolidating the Daventry and Welland Valley daytime services from 3 to 2 vehicles.


·         As a result of these changes, there will not be a reduction to the services available at peak commuting times, but it will now no longer be possible to travel directly between Towcester and Daventry.  Passengers who do wish to make this journey will be advised to change in Woodford Halse or Northampton.


·         More detailed maps and publicity will be available closer to the commencement of the new service, but broadly otherwise passengers will be able to continue making their journeys to Banbury, Brackley, Towcester, Daventry and Market Harborough as now.


·         The bus which operates to and from Banbury will be increased in size to carry 24 seated passengers to meet passenger demand.


·         In an attempt to further increase usage, and to increase the reach of services to Brackley, three additional parishes in Buckinghamshire will be added to the Brackley/Towcester service.



Telephone number:


·         It will still be required to telephone to book for County Connect.  This number will change to be 0345 456 4474 to comply with new regulations over use of 0845 numbers.





·         The County Connect contract will now be operated by Kier, who presently operate the Call Connect services in the East of the County and Lincolnshire.


The changes come in to effect from 1st September 2014.  County Connect additionally operates two vehicles in East Northants, which will also be revised from this date.



Yours Faithfully



James Loader

Bus & Rail Development Officer
Northamptonshire Highways

Riverside House, Riverside Way, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN1 5NX
Tel: +44(0)1604 364439

Web: www.mgwsp.co.uk












home > parish council > village notice board > county connect changes


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