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Recent Incidents of Note/Tack Theft

• An insecure vehicle was entered in Whitfield between 7.00pm Sunday 28thSeptember and 5.45am Wednesday 1st October. Various items were taken.

• An insecure vehicle was entered in Whitfield between 6pm Tuesday 30thSeptember and 11am Wednesday 1st October. Various items were taken.

• A vehicle was broken into in Overthorpe between 6.30pm Tuesday 30thSeptember and 10am Wednesday 1st October. Various items, including a Satnav were stolen.

• A garage was broken into in Whitfield between 9pm Friday 26th September and 8am Wednesday 1st October. Tools and pushbikes were stolen from the property.

• A shed in Overthorpe was broken into between midnight and 7am on Wednesday 1st October, but no items were taken.

Anyone with information please call us on 101 or alternatively, information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Tack Theft

Over the past three days, stable yards in Northamptonshire have been targeted by criminals with equipment in excess of £30,000 being stolen. The equipment ranges from saddles, riding equipment and energisers for electric fences. This is a sudden spike in such crimes, which are spread across the county.

This is a timely reminder to all persons storing tack and valuable items at stables to ensure all security measures are in place. If you have expensive equipment you are advised to take this home with you after use.

Tack rooms are occasional targets by criminals in rural communities and saddles, bridles and other equipment are attractive to thieves and can be expensive to replace if stolen.
• The construction of tack rooms is an important aspect in keeping the contents secure – brick or concrete block is ideal and wood can be reinforced internally with steel plate or mesh.
• Wooden doors should be reinforced with steel where appropriate and door frames strong and secured to the fabric of the building. Use good quality mortice locks to doors where possible, or alternatively use heavy-duty close shackle padlocks and heavy duty pad bars.
• Windows, no matter how small, can provide entry for would-be thieves and should be fitted with grilles, bars or removed completely.
• Contact Northamptonshire Police or Northants Horsewatch to get your tack marked.

If anyone would like any advice on security or tack marking, please contact the Rural Crime Team at Northants Police on 101 or ruralcrime@northants.pnn.police.uk.

If you are suspicious of any vehicles or person near such premises, report it by ringing 101. If persons or vehicles are still present and you suspect an offence is taking place, then ring 999.





home > parish council > village notice board > recent incidents/tack theft

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