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Press Release


Date: 30 June 2014

Issue: SNCPR2540

For Immediate Release





Buzzing nuisance – we can help

Is your relaxing time in the garden being ruined by wasps?  Are they targeting your evening barbecues or picnics this summer?  Wasps can be a real nuisance when they create nests close to homes or gardens, and South Northamptonshire Council’s (SNC) pest control officers can be despatched quickly to resolve the problem with most nests treated in just one visit.

At this time of year wasp nests will be about the size of a honeydew melon and worker wasps will be venturing out in search of sweet substances.  After feeding on ripe fruit they can become irritable, making them more likely to sting.

The nests are typically found in soil banks, roof spaces and cavities in trees and walls but can be particularly troublesome if located in places we also tend to frequent. 

Councillor Andrew Grant, portfolio holder for environmental services, said:  “I would strongly recommend that people don’t try to deal with a wasp nest themselves as the wasps can mobilise the entire nest to sting in defence, and this can be highly dangerous.

“Our trained pest control officers are highly experienced and provide a professional service at a very reasonable cost, and I would thoroughly recommend that you contact them for a quote.”

For more information please call 01327 322323 or visit www.southnorthants.gov.uk/wasps where you can complete an online form to obtain a free quote.

In an emergency we may be able to provide a limited paid service for wasp treatments on weekends. If you have a wasp nest that needs treatment outside working hours on a weekend please ring 0800 160 1022 for advice and availability.





home > parish council > village notice board > buzzing nuisance

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