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Telephone 101 - non emergencies and enquiries


Wards covered in this update
 Danvers & Wardoun, Washington and Astwell Wards
Securing your Home

(scroll down for recent crimes in the district)

It’s also important that your front door security is up to standard during thedark winter months. External timber doors should be secured using a morticelock and/or a nightlatch that meets British Standard BS3621 and if you have aPVCu or composite door then it is a good idea to upgrade the euro profilecylinder in your multi-point lock to British Standard as well.


Personal safety

And last, but by no means least – there are often more social events to attendover the darker months, such as Christmas dos and New Year’s Eve parties,but you shouldn’t let your fun be ruined by compromising your safety. Although you should avoid walking home alone at night or being left on yourown at parties, these situations can still occur and that’s why it’s crucial totake a personal attack alarm with you when you go out.

Are you visible?

As any motorist will tell you, in the dark it’s obviously harder to spot

pedestrians, cyclists and anything that isn’t well lit. If you’re a cyclist, it’simportant that your bike is fitted with clear, bright lights and that you’re wearing high visibility reflective clothing so that you are clearly visible on theroad.

We urge pedestrians to wear bright, reflective clothing so that we can see you.

Parents, think about your children. As the year goes on and the days get even shorter, they’ll be travelling to and from school in darkness or near darkness so make sure they’re kitted out with a bright coat with reflective strips, aschool bag with high visibility markings or even simple reflective arm bands sothat they are clearly visible to motorists when it’s dark.

It’s simple, be bright and be seen.



I have listed below the Crime incidents reported for October 2014

2nd – 12th, Theft from a field (Pig Trough stolen) Preston Road, Eydon

8th, Burglary of an outbuilding (Vehicle number plates stolen) Chacombe

8th, Theft from a Motor Vehicle (Keys stolen) Chacombe

5th – 7th, Theft from a Motor Vehicle (Spare tyre stolen) The Avenue,


3rd, Burglary of a Portacabin (Tools stolen) Upper Boddington


No known reported serious Anti Social Behaviour Issues in your village


Locally identified priority

You Said

Tackling Rural Crime.

We Did

Patrolled the Peace Demonstration at R.A.F. Croughton

Cross Border Meeting with our Thames Valley Police Colleagues at

Buckingham Police Station

Helped at the Young Citizen Scheme Event at Silverstone

Attended the Helmdon Coffee Morning

Assisted the Northants Fire Service with home safety visits

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home > parish council > village notice board > november police update


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