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Press Release

Date: 01 May 2014

Issue: SNCPR2447

For Immediate Release


Deadlines looming for European Elections

With the European elections just a few weeks away, residents are being reminded of the deadlines to register to vote and to register for postal or proxy voting.

The European elections are taking place on Thursday, 22 May.

The deadline to register to vote for this election is Tuesday, 6 May. Only those people whose name is on the electoral register can vote.

Residents who wish to vote by post have to submit a completed application form to the Council by 5pm Wednesday, 7 May.

Finally, anyone who would like to request a proxy vote should apply by 5pm on Wednesday, 14 May. Voting by proxy means that someone else is allowed to vote on an elector's behalf.

Those who choose this method of voting have to give a reason why they cannot attend the polling station in person, for example they have a disability, have to work, or are on holiday.

Anyone who has registered to vote by post or by proxy will be sent clear instructions on the voting procedure in advance of polling day.

Voter registration forms and the statement of the Parties and Individual Candidates nominated are available on the Council's website at http://www.southnorthants.gov.uk/currentelections.htm or by calling or e-mailing the Council.

For more information e-mail election@cherwellandsouthnorthants.gov.uk or call 01327 322128.

For press enquiries contact:
Gavin Moore
Press and Communications Officer
South Northamptonshire Council
01327 322312




home > parish council > village notice board > european elections


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