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Wards covered in this update
 Danvers & Wardoun, Washington and Astwell Wards
Halloween Safety Advice

Halloween can be a lot of fun for children and young people, but it can also be distressing and intimidating for some residents. If you are going 'trick or treating' please respect and consider others and follow these top tips to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time:
Go alone - 'trick or treating' is more fun and safer if you go in a small group with friends and family.
Go into houses - stay on the doorstep where the responsible adult can see you.
Play pranks that may damage property - this could result in arrest and a
criminal record.
Demand money or intimidate people - Halloween can be a night that some
residents dread, so be respectful and polite.
Don't throw eggs or flour - it's classed as a criminal offence and you may be arrested!
Take extra care crossing roads - more accidents happen to children in the dark.
Go with an adult - get a responsible adult to go with your group to help in case you have any problems.
Dress to be seen - wear light, reflective clothes or carry a lamp or torch so that drivers and your responsible adult can see you.
Respect people's rights - be polite, don't go out too late, ring or knock only once, and be prepared to take 'no' for an answer.
Halloween is quickly followed by Bonfire Night. Please make sure you enjoy yourself, but remain safe and attend organised firework displays.

Clive Ashmore
South Northants Brackley
Safer Community Team
Ward Cluster Update
October 2014

I have listed below the Crime incidents reported for September 2014

 28th Sep-1st Oct, Burglary Non Dwelling, (Pedal Cycles) The Avenue,
Whitfield 30th Sep-1st Oct, Theft from a Motor Vehicle, (Satnav/Charger) Mill Road, Whitfield
 28th Sep-1st Oct, Theft from Motor Vehicle, (MP3 Player/Headphones) The Avenue, Whitfield
 26th Sep-1st Oct, Burglary Non Dwelling, (Tools/Pedal Cycles) Mill Road, Whitfield
 29th Sep, Theft form a Motor Vehicle, (Satnav) Mill Road, Whitfield
 24th Aug – 19th Sep, Criminal Damage, (Bye-way Gates) Plumpton Lane, Morton Pinkney
 14th Sep, Theft from a Motor Vehicle, (Handbag) Car Park, Sulgrave
Manor, Sulgrave
 9th-12th Sep, Theft, (Trailer Wheels) Banbury Lane, Culworth
 7th Sep, Possession of a Controlled Drug, Marston St Lawrence. Suspect Identified
 No known reported serious Anti Social Behaviour Issues in your village
Locally identified priority
You Said
 Tackling Rural Crime.

We Did

 Speed checks by the Safer Roads Team in Chipping Warden Village.
(Camera Van)
 Attended Sulgrave Car Show Village Event, Sulgrave Manor.
 Cross boarder operation with Thames Valley Police regarding Rogue
 Police Station visits by the Brackley Beavers and Syresham Brownies

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Useful Contact Details

To report:
 Fly-tipping Tel: 01327 322344
 Noise problems Tel: 01327 3222323
 Stray dogs Tel: 01604 862239
 Action Fraud Tel: 0300 123 2040
The Council out of office hours telephone number is 0800 160 1022
101 is new non-emergency number for Northamptonshire Police
Call 101 to speak to your local officers, discuss concerns you have about where you
live or to report incidents and crimes that do not require an emergency response
Telephone: 101






home > parish council > village notice board > halloween/recent crimes

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