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Crime is down in South Northants
Crime in South Northants fell by 10.4 per cent, with 292 less offences taking place in the last 12 months.
There were 2,517 crimes recorded between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2014, compared to 2,809 in the previous year.
A breakdown of the crime figures shows:
Violence – Down 13.7 per cent                   (from 424 to 366 offences)
Sexual offences – Up 5.1 per cent               (from 39 to 41 offences)
Residential burglary – Up 43.1 per cent         (from 153 to 219 offences)
Robbery – Down 27.3 per cent                    (from 11 to 8 offences)
Vehicle crime – Down 12.5 per cent             (from 409 to 358 offences)
Criminal damage – Down 28 per cent            (from 464 to 334 offences)
Drug possession – Up 18.3 per cent             (from 71 to 84 offences)
Drug Trafficking – Up 54.5 per cent             (from 11 to 17 offences)

Inspector Andy Hall said: “We have seen continued reductions in all crime in south Northamptonshire including significant progress in reducing violence, criminal damage and theft from the person.
“This success can be attributed to the continued hard work of our local officers working hard with partners to tackle local problems.
“We are continuing to tackle burglaries which have been a problem for us in the last 12 months and are increasing patrols across the district. We are committed to tackling and reducing crime across the area.
“We hope to start working more closely with communities in south Northamptonshire in the next year with the aid of volunteers, providing more information about local issues to people where they live.”





home > parish council > village notice board > crime down in south northants

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