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This year the British Trust for Ornithology is asking volunteers to repeat some survey work they organized in earlier years on House Martins. The survey team has assigned squares randomly across the country within which it is hoped volunteer surveyors will log House Martin nests (or not, since finding out where they do not nest is equally important).

I have been assigned a square in Helmdon (SP5944) which I shall be looking at on 2-3 visits to the village over the summer. I hasten to add that I shall not be trespassing on anyone’s private property, but in order to make sure that all the nests are counted I would be delighted if anyone in that square would like to contact me and let me know that their buildings either do or do not have nests in the coming breeding season and also whether I might contact them on a visit to Helmdon when the time comes. Your involvement will contribute valuable information to better understand why they are declining in many parts of the country.

Please look at www.bto.org if you would like to know more about this or any other survey work they organize.

Helen Franklin,
The Latch, Holly Bush Lane, Priors Marston, CV47 7RW
helen_franklin@talk21.com Mob – 07794 909 699







home > parish council > village notice board > house martin survey

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