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Telephone 101 - non emergencies and enquiries

(News of Brackley Station front counter service and local crimes at end of this page)

South Northants Safer Community Team


February 2015

PCSO Clive Ashmore


Wards covered in this update

Danvers & Wardoun, Washington and Astwell Wards


Avoiding heating oil theft

Heating oil theft – 5 tips to protect your tank

Make sure you don’t make it easy for thieves this year by following five simple rules:


Many thieves are opportunists so where you place your tanks will be an

important factor in whether they consider it a target. For delivery reasons, you  will want your tank to be easily accessible. However, try to keep it as far from the road as you can. Not only will it be less visible but to a thief trying to make a quick getaway, the thought of lugging your tank 200m up the road to their vehicle won’t sound particularly appealing. You should also remove or store any empty oil drums or external fuel lines so as not to draw attention to the presence of oil.


Invest in a good quality tank lock. A pair of bolt cutters can easily cut through the average lock but flat tank locks should prove a much harder contender.  Many people also plant defensive shrubbery around their tanks to deter thieves. No one likes having to battle through thorny shrubs. However, make sure that there is a path for your suppliers to reach the tank and that the shrubs don’t obscure your view of it.


It should be no secret that thieves like to operate away from prying eyes. Try placing the tank somewhere near a window so you can keep an eye on it easily. Thieves may consider it too big a risk if they can be easily scouted out.  Although you can’t monitor your tank at all times, you can install motion sensitive lights that will act as an effective deterrent from anyone approaching your tank.


If thieves do succeed in gaining access to your oil, there are still a number of procedures that can be put in place to ensure that they won’t get away with it.

Alarm systems have been designed to fit to storage tanks and alert you if your oil level is getting critically low or drops dramatically. Also, consider installing some CCTV. Cameras can be bought for relatively cheap these days and not only could you be lucky and catch thieves in the act, but you stand a much greater chance of identifying them afterwards.


If all else fails and your oil is stolen, you might still be financially protected. Make sure in advance that your insurance policy covers thefts and if it does, take care of any conditions specified by the company about the security of your premises.

Hopefully, if you follow these tips, your tank will be more secure this year so you can enjoy the winter months in comfort.


Brackley Police Station front counter service

From the 1st April 2015, there will no longer be a front counter service at

Brackley police station. It will still remain an operational base for local officers.

Towcester station front counter will be open – Monday, Wednesday and Friday,

10am to 2pm

Daventry station front counter will be open – Monday-Saturday, 10am to 4pm

All front-counters will close on bank and public holidays.

People will still be able to contact police on the non-emergency telephone

number 101 or report a non-urgent incident online at www.northants.police.uk,

where they can also find a range of advice and information.



I have listed below the Crime incidents reported for January 2015

27th – 28th, Burglary of a Barn (Quad Bike, Chainsaw, Battery Chargers

and Strimmer stolen), Radstone

22nd , Criminal Damage to a fence, Banbury Road, Chipping Warden.

Suspect identified

8th – 9th, Burglary of a workshop, (Quad Bike, Trailer, Chainsaw and

Strimmer stolen), Welsh Lane, Helmdon

31st Dec – 8th Jan, Theft, (3 x packets of cigarettes), Queens Street,


29th Dec – 3rd Jan, Burglary of a Shed, (Mower, Chainsaw and Strimmer

stolen), Banbury Road, Moreton Pinkney



No known reported serious Anti Social Behaviour Issues in your village


Locally identified priority

You Said


Tackling Rural Issues/Crime.

We Did

Patrolled Helmdon Primary School at pick up times

Speed enforcement operations in the villages

Gave school presentations at Syresham Primary School, Little Oaks pre

School and Magdalen College School

Night time operations checking locations and vehicles for persons

involved in theft of/from motor vehicles and heating oil

Visit our Crime Prevention page at:


Keep updated with information by visiting:


Useful Contact Details

To report:

Fly-tipping Tel: 01327 322344

Noise problems Tel: 01327 3222323

Stray dogs Tel: 01604 862239

Action Fraud Tel: 0300 123 2040

Drivewatch Tel: 0800 174615

The Council out of office hours telephone number is 0800 160 1022

101 is new non-emergency number for Northamptonshire Police

Call 101 to speak to your local officers, discuss concerns you have about where you

live or to report incidents and crimes that do not require an emergency response

Telephone: 101



In an emergency, call 999






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