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This is a message sent via Northamptonshire Community Connect. This information has been sent on behalf of Northamptonshire Police Community Connect


Message sent by

Amy Movsessian (Police, Police Volunteer V0495 - Towcester, Towcester)

Sexting and intimate images

As part of our Online Safety Awareness Week, parents and children across Northamptonshire have been sharing their experiences of hacking and use of privacy settings with us throughout the day. Experiences people have shared this week include;

•    ‘I've been asked to send topless photos to my boyfriend.’ –aged 15
•    ‘Haters swearing and talking about porn on whatsapp… [I felt sick and worried] so I showed it to my mum and she took my phone to the school and they sorted it.’ –aged 11.
•    ‘[I saw a] lady on web without clothes on. People swearing on Youtube. There was somebody swearing and a little girl ran up to the camera without any clothes on.’
•    ‘Once I saw a person with only shorts on. I felt uncomfortable and kind of put off.’ – aged 9 

The consequences:
As ‘sexting’ is becoming increasingly normalised amongst young people, it becomes increasingly important to educate people as to the consequences of sharing or looking at indecent images of a child under 18. 

•    Once an image is on the internet, it can be shared and copied. You can never guarantee it will be permanently deleted. Search engines can remove the link to the image / video but they cannot remove it from the website (and Police can only compel websites in the UK to remove images / videos).
•    It is against the law to share or look at a naked / topless / indecent image of anyone under 18 years old, and can place the person responsible on the sex offender register (and a conviction or caution for distributing an indecent image of child will have major consequences for the rest of the person’s life).
Northamptonshire Police are committed to protecting children online.

If you or your child has been a victim of online crime, contact Northamptonshire Police on 101, or 999 in an emergency. 
For more information on the dangers of ‘sexting’ please click here, or for more information on this campaign please follow this link.

hone: 101




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