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Living Advent Calendar

December! -  Now?

We know it is early, but we are looking for volunteers to turn Helmdon into a living Advent Calendar this year.

The aim is to have decorated and illuminated windows “opened”   from 1 December so, by Christmas Eve, 24 windows are regularly lit up every evening.   A number of villages now do this and a Google search on “Advent windows” will show you the wide range of ideas and ways that people have decorated their windows in previous years.   There is no need to be religious or arty and there is no “theme”, the aim is for each window to be a surprise as it is revealed.  We would like to include windows through the whole village and hope to have photos of the windows on the village website and Facebook page.

                     Brian Bishop    


If you (a) live in a house that has a window that can clearly be seen from the street without people coming on to  your property and (b) they are happy to keep   the window illuminated each evening after it is ‘opened’ until Christmas  and (c) are interested in participating

Please get in touch with Ann Netton (0129i0)851168 apnetten@hotmail.co, or Jenny Overson (01295)760677 oversonjenny@gmail.com


home > parish council > village notice board > living advent calendar

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