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Service for All Souls

Helmdon Parish Church and Churchyard


Saturday 29 October at 4 p.m.


The Parish Church of St Mary



This is an opportunity to give special thanks for all those we knew and loved as well as the generations who lived and loved in this village long before some of us were born.

At the service the names of those recently recorded in our burial book will be read out and thanks given for their lives.

If you would like your loved ones to be included please e-mail or call Reverend Carol, or people can also just leave a note up in church with the name of the person they would like to be mentioned.

While you don’t have to attend the service of thanksgiving to be given for loved ones, many find this service deeply moving and helpful on the journey of grief.

Whether you regularly attend church or not this service is open to all.


carolepeters@aol.com    01327 860798









home > parish council > village notice board > all souls service


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