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 Communities from all corners cash in on grant funding

Author: Eleanor Roberts

Published: 23rd July 2017

From: About my Area


Communities from all corners cash in on grant funding


Communities from all corners cash in on grant funding

Community groups and parish councils from across the district have been awarded funding by South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) for a wide variety of different projects.

At a meeting of SNC’s Community Funding Panel on Tuesday, 27 June, 23 different schemes were awarded over £123,000 in grant funding.

Ranging from defibrillators for Nether Heyford and Sulgrave Parish Councils, to speed signs for Maidford and Helmdon, and roof renovations for Pattishall Parish Hall, a wide range of villages have reaped the rewards of applying for community grant funding to bring to fruition a multitude of projects.

Cllr Peter Rawlinson, SNC’s portfolio holder for finance and procurement, said: “What this funding shows is that all communities are eligible for help, no matter how big or small.

“And a whole host of projects can benefit from the grants available, so if you are involved in a community group, volunteer or are part of a parish council I would urge you to apply and potentially make the dreams and ambitions for your community a reality.”

Applications under £1,000 are determined by officers and may be submitted at any time. Those over £1,000 are heard by the Community Funding Panel which meets on a regular basis, and any over £20,000 are reviewed by the Community Funding Panel and referred to Cabinet for determination.

The vast majority of community grants are funded by the New Homes Bonus (NHB), a grant paid to local authorities by central government for each new home built in the district.

A wide range of projects and activities may be eligible for help, including capital projects (buildings and infrastructure), as well as smaller projects such as supporting the purchase of much needed equipment or the delivery of local schemes.

For more information on grants available from SNC and how to apply, visit the community grants page www.southnorthants.gov.uk/grantscommunity.htm or email grants@southnorthants.gov.uk

The next deadline for grant applications is Thursday, 31 August 2017.






home > parish council > village notice board > grant funding


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