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Press Release

Date: 14 February 2018

Issue: SNCPR13897

For Immediate Release


Help for South Northamptonshire residents with ‘Home Safe’

The vulnerable, disabled and elderly are being offered free home repairs following a partnership between South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) and Care & Repair (Northamptonshire) Ltd. 

The scheme, entitled ‘Home Safe’, will offer support with a range of small home improvements such as small repairs, home security and energy efficiency measures, gas safety checks, fitting smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, trip reduction measures, the installation of grab and stair rails and assistance with electrics, plumbing and carpentry. 

Cllr Stephen Clarke, SNC’s portfolio holder for economic development, regeneration and housing, said: “This scheme is great news for individuals and families who need a helping hand when it comes to keeping their home safe, warm and secure. 

“Those vulnerable people who may not have the means or the ability to carry out essential, minor works can benefit from this initiative which will help promote independence and allow them the chance to go home should they be in hospital.


“As a council it is tremendously rewarding to be able to be a part of this scheme as a great example of how small actions can make a big difference.” 

The intention of the scheme is to help maintain independence, facilitate hospital discharge, reduce falls, improve security and reduce the ill health effects related to homes in disrepair or fuel poverty. 

The scheme is available to home owners and tenants on low incomes if one or more of the following criteria applies to them: 

  • suffer from a long term chronic illness or have a physical disability
  • they have been identified by a hospital as needing urgent minor adaptations or services to facilitate discharge
  • they are at risk of further injury or illness without essential minor works or services
  • 65 or over 

For more information on the scheme visit www.careandrepairnorthamptonshire.org.uk,  email office@careandrepairnorthamptonshire.org.uk or call 01604 782250.





home > parish council > village notice board > 'home safe' help for SNC residents

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