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Withdrawal of County Connect Bus Service

Author: John Riches

From: About My Area

Published: 4th June 2018

Withdrawal of County Connect Bus Service.  Withdrawal of County Connect Bus Service.
The weekly bus from Towcester to Banbury started between the two World Wars and allowed Abthorpe people to get to Market Day. It became an enjoyable outing especially for older people who enjoyed the company and latterly were able to use their free bus pass. A Wednesday and Saturday service to Northampton was also available.
Then in April 2011 following the Government’s comprehensive spending review, Northamptonshire County Council completely ceased the rural bus subsidy and introduced County Connect a “ ... fresh concept in rural public transport that anyone could use once they had registered. The service goes where and when you want in the designated area,” we were told. The service became very efficient but was used only by a small number of local people. Now that service is to be scrapped!
Abthorpe Parish Council has circulated a leaflet round the parish. It states that County Connect  is to be withdrawn due to the Northamptonshire County Council’s financial problems. Several people rely on this service to get out of the village for shopping and socialising so its loss will mean much greater isolation. The Parish Council is considering what can be done to provide an alternative, but needs to know how much demand there is for regular transport. “Please get in touch and let us know if you use the service – how often do you use it and where do you want to go?If you don’t currently use it think about the future. Please respond to the Chairman of the Parish Council so they can decide what steps to take.”
The vast majority of parishioners have access to a motor vehicle. But not everyone! As one villager said back in 2011 when they quoted from the King James’ Bible. “For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.”

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home > parish council > village notice board > withdrawal of county connect

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