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Parish Council Minutes - July 2002


Minutes of the Meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Wednesday, 31st July 2002
in the Reading Room, Helmdon at 7:30 p.m..


Councillors Ayres, Bearman, Brookhouse, Burns (in the Chair), England, Glassett, Gittens and Spendlove. After co-option - Councillor Earl

There were 8 members of the public present.

1. Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on the 27th March 2002 having been circulated prior to the meeting were approved.

3. Matters arising

i) 11.2 - Parking in Hintons Close - no action has been taken regarding the safety aspect. The Clerk to follow up.
ii) 11.3 -Damage to bridge by Station House - The Clerk to ascertain the current position.
iii) 11.4 - The Clerk reported that a letter had been
iv) sent to NCC requesting a proper lay by be included in future plans for the B4525.
v) Cllr Glassett referred to the item in the minutes of the AGM held on 22nd May 2002 concerning the Speedwatch scheme and reported that 80 people
have now signed up to it. It was agreed that the expenditure of £14 for prizes at the School should be paid.

4. Introduction of the New Community Beat Officer

Constable 709 - PC Alan Tinker was introduced and he spoke about how he intends carrying out his duties.

5. Co-option of Parish Councillor

Two candidates have applied for the vacant position left by the resignation of Cec Harrold and they were invited to address the Council.

The Council then voted by secret ballot for the candidate to fill the vacant position and the result was:

Mr. Phil Earl, 49 Station Road, Helmdon ......……. 5 votes
Mr. Danny Moody, 30, Church Street, Helmdon .... 3 votes

Mr. Phillip Earl was appointed Parish Councillor and he signed his declaration of Office and took up his new position.

6. Open Forum

i) There was a discussion about litter bins in the Playground and it was agreed to re-examine the various alternatives available before proceeding with the purchase of new bins.
ii) The need for the litter bin near the Church.
iii) the refuse in in the recycling area off Station Road to be emptied on a regular basis was raised and the Clerk will contact services at SNC to ask for the bins to be emptied weekly.
iv) Questions were asked about the new Jubilee seat in Church Street and it was stressed that it should be easily accessed by elderly people.
v) Light 24 in Shortlands Close was reported out of action, the Clerk will inform ABB.
vi) Seats in Station Road and the Green require maintenance and painting.
vi) It was agreed that more bulbs should be purchased by Mrs S Lidgeley.
viii) A member of the public asked who were the Members of the Planning Committee.

7. Update of the Model Code of Conduct

The Clerk reported having applied for dispensations for all Councillors to enable them discuss and vote on matters affecting the Reading Room and that this is being considered by the Standards Committee at SNC on the 18th September next.

8. Finance

  Financial Statement at 31st July 2002
  Current Account
  Saving Account
  Nottingham Bond

  Cheques for payment 31st July 2002
Cheque No.
Playground Management Services
NCC rent of Crabtree Close
Mrs. S. Lidgeley - bulbs
C & E - grass cutting
JEMS Stationers
ABB lighting maintenance
Powergen Energy PLC
Viking Direct - ink cartridges
W Forgham - Salary
W Forgham - postage and Speedwatch prizes

i) It was agreed to transfer £300 from the savings account to the current account.
ii) The accounts for 2000 - 2001 were presented by Councillor Gittens and it was agreed to hold a meeting of the Finance committee followed by a special meeting of the Council to adopt them.

9. Correspondence

Correspondence for the period 22nd May 2002 to 31st July 2002

SNC Ground Maintenance and street cleaning
Countryside Agency New Publications
Cherwell Vale NHS
NCC Northamptonshire County Structure Plan 1996 - 2016
Brackley Athletic F C use of playing field for under 10's
NACRE Village Viewpoint
East Midlands Dev Agency
NALC Internal Audit Service
NALC Updates
Northamptonshire Touring Arts Service
NCC South Northants Area Committee dates for 2002 - 2003
South Northamptonshire Volunteer Bureau
Victim Support
O2 Airways Service
ROSPA Play area inspection report
NCC Bus Strategies consultation paper
University College / NCC Landfill Tax Credits
National Playing Fields
SNC Land drainage act
NCC New Chairman SNC area committee
NACRE AGM 31st July
SNC Code of Conduct
Anonymous letter
Towcester area door-to-door service
SNC Year Book 2002 - 2003
Brackley Town Council - Brackley Market Town Partnership
SNC Water Quality report 2001
NCC Jeffs Coaches Helmdon - Northampton Wednesdays
1 trip dep 10.00 ret 13.45
SNC Ground maintenance, street cleaning, abandoned vehicles
NCC highways SMC travel Helmdon - Northampton Saturdays
2 trips dep 9.15 and 13.04, ret 12.15 and 16.45
SNC Colorado Beetle Publicity Campaign 2002 - 2004

The Chairman reported that the Clerk had received an anonymous letter and had been instructed to ignore it and to take no further action as it is the policy of the Council not to recognise any correspondence that does not have the originator's signature clearly shown.

10. County Council Matters

i) Road Works in Helmdon: the Clerk reported on the new appointment of Mr. Robert Austin to replace Mr. John Robinson as the area maintenance engineer and also about the proposals of WS Atkins to liaise more closely with Parish Councils
ii) The village sign has been reinstalled and the Clerk was instructed to request the installation of the Station Road sign which has been missing for some considerable time - this is the responsibility of SNC.
iii) Traffic problems - Councillor Glassett said that we are still awaiting the School Travel Plan before we can pursue the matter further.

11. SNC Matters

The Clerk reported on the correspondence from SNC regarding maintenance work required to be carried out by the Parish Council as a result of the recent Water Courses Survey, and it was agreed that the Clerk go out to tender for the work and report back to the Council at its next regular meeting.

12. Reading Room

The Chairman reported on the recent meeting between the Council and the Reading Room Officials. The Chairman of the Reading Room reported on the current situation. Councillor Glassett referred to the insurance value of the Reading Room and it was agreed that the Reading Room Officials will obtain a new valuation for insurance purposes. The Council Chairman said that the Parish Council cannot vote on Reading Room matters until dispensations have been obtained to allow them to both discuss and vote.

13. Planning

i) The Chairman of the Planning Committee, Councillor Brookhouse, reported having received copies of several letters sent to SNC about the application for the extensions to the Saw Mill's buildings and stated that the Council had made its objections quite clear. It was agreed to support the application assuming that there will be no increase in noise that would affect the village of Helmdon.

ii) The Council then discussed the following:

1. Helmdon Carnival Committee - application for an occasional public entertainment license in the marquee at Sports Field - 24th August and 25th August - supported.
2. S/2002/0127/P refusal for two storey extension on side of Weston Hill House, Helmdon.
3. S/2002/0967/P installation of an oil tank on base at front of 38 Station Road, Helmdon, for SNC - more information requested.
4. S/2002/0973/P provision of disabled access and toilet in the Helmdon Reading Room - no comment.
6. S/2002/0921/LB Replacement front door at Ivy Cottage, Station Road, Helmdon
. - supported.
7. SN/01899C (SM010/IC ) Waste transfer/recycling centre at Blackpitts, Redlands House Farm, Helmdon - more information requested.
8. S/2002/0407/PC District observations on County matters - no objections to deep clamp compostable materials and to be spread on farm land as organic fertilizer at Falcutt Hall Farm, Helmdon. - supported
9. S/2002/0390/P approval given by SNC to an openfronted storage barn at Orchard End, Grange Farm, Helmdon. And two dwellings and single storey extension to unit 2 at Falcutt Barn, Astwell-cum-Falcutt.
10. S/2002/0466/P refusal by SNC for sub-division of dwellings to dwellings and a single storey extension to unit 2 at Falcutt Barn,Astwell-cum-Falcutt.
11. S/2002/0614/P refusal by SNC for erection of a detached garage for 4 vehicles and a garden/domestic store at The Fountain House, Wappenham Road, Helmdon.

iii) The planning application for residential units at the Bell Public House, Church Street was raised and Councillor Brookhouse and others declared an interest. The Clerk is to ascertain the position of Councillors regarding the Model Code of Conduct before the matter is discussed further.

14. Any Other Business

i) The Village Action Plan:

Councillor Glassett presented the application and gave details of the meeting that was held subsequent to the last Parish Council Meeting. The Chairman said the position is that the Parish Council had said they would look further at the action plan after the meeting of representatives and they must now decide on any
further action.

After a lengthy discussion when various Councillors expressed opinions for and against the application going forward, the following proposal was voted on:

"In favour of the Parish Action Plan Application going forward as submitted but without the analysis at the back of the report and the sentence referring to it and with a disclaimer of Parish Council support".

The voting was 4 for, and 1 against with 4 abstentions.

It was then agreed that Councillor Glassett should forward the application to SNC.

ii) ROSPA report:

A copy of the report will be sent to all members of the Playgrounds sub-committee and a meeting will then be called.
The Clerk to ascertain the position of the installation of the
chains for the tyres.

iii) Jubilee Seat:

The Chairman reported having received a letter from Mr Tony Humphrey dealing with the type of base the seat will sit on and it was agreed to make a decision on the various alternative finishes when Mr Humphrey presents them.

Mr Humphrey asked for the Council to exempt him from any responsibility for any claims that may be made both during construction and afterwards and it was agreed that the Clerk should send him a letter absolving him from responsibility for claims made by the public both during construction and afterwards.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.50 pm.

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