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Parish Council Minutes - July 2003


Minutes of the Meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Thursday, 24th July 2003
in the Reading Room, Helmdon at 7:30 p.m.

Present: Councillors Burns, Brookhouse, England, Gittens, Spendlove, Earl, Moody and Smith. Councillor Bearman joined the meeting later.

There were 7 members of the public present.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman who explained the procedures
for the meeting and explained that members of the public could voice their
opinions and raise any matters during the Open Forum.

1. Minutes of Meeting held on the 26th March 2003

These minutes had been approved previously and were being considered to see if there were any matters outstanding.

2. Matters Arising:

Cllr Moody asked about the following items :
i) minute 4 i - the Clerk reported that no action has yet been taken
ii) minutes 4 ii and 5 i - Cllr Moody suggested inviting tenders for the above two items and also that the Council enter into a maintenance contract for all council owned seats. It was decided that Cllr Bearman, who was not present, be consulted about the position before any further action is taken.
iii) Minute 8 v - the Clerk said that this will be reported later in the meeting.

3. Open Forum:

i. The question was asked why it was that the Open Forum is at the start of the meeting and it was explained that it enables members of the public to raise matters on the agenda before they are considered by the Council.
ii. It was asked why members of the public cannot make comments at Planning Committee meetings, and it was said that only members of the Council other than the members of the committee can speak but not vote. It was agreed by the Council that in future the agenda of the planning committee will include an Open Forum before planning applications are considered, to enable members of the public to speak
iii. A complaint was received about an unruly element living in Church Street and it was agreed the police should be kept informed of any incidents that need to be brought to their attention.

4. Finance:

i. The current financial position of the Council as at 24th July was:

Current Account Balance ……………… £4642.02

Savings Account Balance……………… £8188.89

Nottingham Bond ………………………. £500.00

ii. Bills for Payment :
Cllr Brookhouse reported that he and Cllr Bearman have inspected the Jubilee Seat installation and are satisfied that payment of the contractor's account should be made.
It was proposed by Cllr England and seconded by Cllr Brookhouse and agreed that the following bills be paid:

Cheque No. Item
  392 ABB
  393 Powergen
  394 C & E
  395 Texprep
  396 Signs & Designs
  397 Cancelled
  398 W. Forgham - Salary
  399 W. Forgham - Expenses
  400 Jaycock Bros. Ltd
  401 Mrs. Lidgley
    Total Expenses
  Summary of Clerk's expenses
  4.6.03 Stamps
  8.5.03 Stamps
  12.7.03 Stamps
    Ink cartridge

iii. The Clerk reported that the 2002 - 2003 Audit will be commencing shortly.
iv. Appointment of an Internal Auditor:
The Chairman reported that he had interviewed a Mr Steve Potter who had applied for the position of Internal Auditor and he introduced Mr Potter to the Council. It was proposed by Cllr Brookhouse and seconded by Cllr Gittens and agreed that Mr Steve Potter be appointed Internal Auditor subject to terms and conditions being approved by the finance committee at its next meeting in September.
v. Transfer of monies from the Council Current Account to the Helmdon Parish Plan Group:
Cllr England asked for information about the various letters and emails that had transpired between the HPP and the Council concerning the transfer and the Chairman said that there had been a misunderstanding about a discussion the Chairman of HPP had held with the Council Chairman and the Parish Clerk. Cllr Moody, the chairman of HPP, acknowledged he had misunderstood what was said and offered his apology. The matter is now resolved.

Clllr Gittens proposed and Cllr Bearman seconded and it was agreed, with Cllr Brookhouse and Cllr Moody declaring their interests and not voting, that the sum of £ 2019.51 be transferred from the Council's current account to the bank account of HPP, when the Responsible Financial Officer is in receipt of a clause signed by both the Chairman and Treasurer of HPP stating that an audited account of the expenditure together with bank holdings of the £ 2019.51, will be submitted before any further monies are transferred . This was acceptable to both HPP and the Council.

5. NCC Matters:

i. Highways: The Clerk reported on the proposed temporary Road closures on the Wappenham Road at Helmdon and Abthorpe.
ii. The Clerk reported on the cost estimates received from NCC for the bus services in Helmdon and it was agreed the he should write to NCC for further information to enable comparisons to be made between the new services and previous services.
iii. School Travel Plan:
Cllr Brookhouse reported on the recent meeting at the school and said that it did not receive support of a few residents. He had asked the Clerk to write to Susan Mills of the NCC apologising for any discomfort she had been given and the Clerk reported having received a letter in which she acknowledged our concern and saying that it is hoped that matters will be finalised in September.

Other Matters
i. Village Sign: The Clerk reported on the position of the signs showing the VOTY awards and said that Mr Glassett has produced a provisional design which the Council discussed.
It was agreed that the Clerk should liaise with Mr Glassett and ask him to produce a final design and costs which could then be circulated to all councillors before being processed.
ii. The Clerk reported on the date of the AGM of NACRE
iii. The Clerk reported on the County Funding scheme and it was agreed that it should be considered at the September meeting.
iv. An appraisal questionnaire has been received from WSAtkins and the Clerk was given authority to complete it.

6 District Council Matters:

I) Planning: At the start of the Council Meeting the Chairman of the planning-sub committee made a statement clarifying the role of the council members who are not members of the planning sub-committee. When the planning sub committee hold a planning meeting at a full council meeting, all councillors are invited to speak and make observations but only members of the sub-committee will vote on any application, as the sub-committee have been given delegated powers from the full council.

The Chairman read the minutes of the meeting held on the 4th July.

The committee then considered the following planning applications and their decisions are given against each application.

i. No S/32003/0872/P extension of dormer window to front
54 Church Street Helmdon ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. Support
ii No S/2003/0852/PO residential development outline for five dwellings
land off Church Street Helmdon next to 55 Church
Street……………………………………… Object
Iii No S/2003/0852/PO residential development outline for eighteen dwellings
Land off Church Street Helmdon next to 55 Church
Street ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Object
Iv No S/2003/0971/P extension to building for storing and drying timber
Helmdon Sawmills ………………………. Support
V No S/2003?0954/P demolition of bungalow and erection of detached
dwelling and garage
The Cedar Bungalow, Falcutt …………. Support
Other Matters:
I The Clerk read the dispensations granted to all Councillors concerning Reading Room Matters
Ii The Clerk reported on the proposed Mutual Meetings with SNC and it was agreed to take no further action.
iii. The Clerk is to apply for complimentary copies of the SNC year Book for all Councillors.

7. Correspondence;

Details of Correspondence received between 29/5/03 and 24/7/03

SNC Fun Dog Show
HPP Future Needs Day
T Glassett Parish Paths Warden
NCC Supplementary Planning Guidance
SNC Suggestion Councils meet periodically
SNC Village Directory 2003 Review
Harwoods Property Services
SNC Monthly updates to Electoral Register
SN Volunteers July Letter
SNC Rubbish dumping posters
Cherwell Vale NHS News letter June 2003
NACRE Community Speedwatch Meeting
C Heaton re overhanging bushes
SNC Dispensation Acknowledgment
SNC Animal Welfare Report
NCC Bus Timetables
WSAtkins re cost of bus services
Environment Agency Floodline
SNC Year Book
Towcester door to door AGM notice
NCC Helmdon records on the NCC Web site
WSAtkins Road closure May
SNC National Playing Fields annual inspection
SNC Review
NCC Temporary closure Wappenham Road
SNC Children's Summer Programme
NALC Annual Conference Cardiff
NCC New County Funding Programmes
STOP over development plans for N'Hants
SNC Performance plan for 2003-07-22
Nhants Police recruiting volunteers as independent
Custody Visitors
WSAtkins 2003/4 Parish Plan Information Sheet
SNC Members dispensation
Brackley Hospital Trust notice of AGM
NCC Appointment of Parish Paths Warden
SNC S'Nhants Area Committee
Shaws books information
Home Office Coded for keeps
N'hants Police Mainstreaming safety
N'hants Police Crime reduction toolkits
Alzheimer's Assn News Letter
SNC Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000
HPP Minutes of meeting 5
C Harrold re planning applications
NALC Update
NALC Membership valuation tribunal
NALC World environment day 4 .6.04
SNC Planning Applications received 1/5/03 to 16/7/03
Running Imp Guide for club and events organisers
Adventure Playgrounds catalogue application
HPP Invite to future needs day
Email Terry Glassett re VOTY sign
SNC Heritage open days
WS Atkins Highways Engineering Performance appraisal questionnaire
WS Atkins School Travel Plan scheme to be agreed in September
SNC Proposed Diversion Order of Footpath AP20
NACRE Annual Report 2002 -- 2003
NACRE Agenda AGM 30th July
East Midlands Assembly etc. Milton Keynes & South Midlands sub regional strategy
NCC Temporary road closure Wappenham Road

The Chairman thanked Cllr Gittens for becoming Parish Paths Warden. Cllr Gittens reported on the correspondence he has received from the Countryside Agency concerning common land and it was agreed that the plan for Helmdon should be displayed at the Future Needs Day meeting on the 2nd August.

8. Reading Room Report: Cllr England reported the following:
i. The Surveyor's report has been received and is being considered.
ii The Health and Hygiene Inspector has asked for various minor works to be carried out in the kitchen and this Is being done before a major refurbishment.
Iii The Luncheon Club - it was agreed that the Chairman of the Reading Room Management committee should receive any applications to run the Luncheon Club after the Clerk has published notices asking for volunteers on the notice boards and on the web site.

9. National Village of the Year competition:

The Chairman reported on the meeting held on the 14th July when only five persons attended. After discussion it was proposed by Cllr Moody and seconded by Cllr Earl and agreed unanimously that we should not proceed any further with our application and that the Clerk should write to the organisers explaining the reasons for our decision.

10. Helmdon Parish Plan:

Cllr Moody reported on the current position of the Future Needs day on 2nd August and said that to date 500 volunteer hours have been expended. After the FND the group will produce a questionnaire which will be circulated to everyone in the village.

11. Brackley Cottage Hospital:

The Chairman reported on the AGM of the cottage hospital and the meeting with the NHS officials when it was reported that the cottage hospital will be secure for the next two years but its future beyond then is not secure.

12. Roles of Individual Councillors:

Cllr Moody requested information on various aspects of a Councillor's duties and responsibilities and the Chairman said that the Council cannot tell individual councillors what and what not they should do. He referred the new Councillors to various publications that are available. The Clerk said that he has already prepared a draft of model standing orders for the council which could answer most of the questions asked, and it was agreed that the Clerk circulate all Councillors with the draft copy in order that they may discuss it at the next meeting of the Council in September and then form a sub-committee to discuss and finalise the new Standing Orders for the Council.

13. Playground Committee:

Cllr Smith reported on a recent meeting of the playground committee and asked various questions concerning:

i. Finance available
ii. Waste Bins -- £400 is available for the supply of new bins from a previous budget. The Clerk will arrange for details of waste bins to be sent to Cllr Smith for information from various suppliers.
iii Bin Bags
iv. Signs regarding Dogs - the Clerk handed Cllr Smith a set of appropriate signs.
v. Tree Lopping
vi. Pot Holes

The Chairman of the Playground committee was asked to prepare a budget for consideration at the appropriate time by the finance committee for inclusion in the next budget of the council in 2004.

The matter of vandalism to the slide was discussed and the Clerk said that the Council's insurance will cover the work involved in making good the damage. It was agreed that the Clerk submit a claim providing that the costs of the work involved will be more than any excess, if any, that is in the policy.

14. Matters raised by individual councillors:

Cllr Earl asked about the Road Safety Scheme- Cllr Brookhouse explained the procedure and said that the Speedwatch scheme is proceeding.

Cllr Spendlove asked
i. What is the population of the village ---- 950 approx.
ii. There are overhanging branches etc. on pavements. It was agreed that Councillors should report any instances to the Clerk who will then write to the respective owners asking for the removal.

Cllr Bearman asked i. that the owner of the house at Bibrook be asked to tidy the stones that are running all over the road. The Clerk to write to the owner.

Cllr Brookhouse said the Neighbourhood Watch signs are now in position.

Cllr Smith said that Cllr Moody has attended a meeting of the School Governors when it was asked that the council provide an additional litter bin and seat by the playground.

Cllr Burns mentioned
i. That the state of the Telephone Box is very unsatisfactory and the Clerk was asked to write to BT to ask them to rectify the position
ii. The posting of notices on poles throughout the village is causing concern. The Council has previously instructed that fly posting on poles should be taken down. The Clerk has been doing this but has asked for clarification. The Council decided that the flyposting should be allowed to continue and the matter will be considered again at the September meeting.

15. Any Other Business:

The Clerk reported that Mrs Sue Lidgley has said that she will no longer be able to carry out the planting and maintenance of the various places in the village and also asked that Jo and Frank Morris be thanked for their assistance over the years. It was agreed that the Clerk should write to Mrs Lidgley thanking her for all the many years of devoted service she has spent planting bulbs and flowers throughout the village. The clerk was also asked to write to Jo and Frank Morris
thanking them and asking them if they would like to carry on where Mrs Lidgley has left off.

The Clerk reported that the studies are still continuing with the B4525 - Welsh Lane - and that no further information is available yet.

16 Date and time of next meeting:

Wednesday, September 24th 2003

The Chairman closed the meeting at 10.32 pm.

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