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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on
Wednesday 28th March 2001.


Present. Cllr Glassett (Chair) Cllrs Brookhouse, Bearman, Gittens, Burns, England and Ayres.


1. Apologies were received from Cllr Harrold and PC Dawling


2. Minutes of the last meeting (24.1.01) were amended, approved and signed.


3. Matters arising from the minutes.
Repairs to the grass at the war memorial had not been completed due to the weather conditions. No information was available about the posts to prevent cars going on the grass. The basketball posts have not been fitted due to the wet weather conditions. John Robinson had been in the village to look at some problems but an accompanied viewing had not yet been arranged.


4. Open Forum.
Badly damaged roadside verges appear throughout the village and these were noted but were considered to be a result of the bad weather conditions. Resurfacing and re-kerbing of village footpaths was requested. It was agreed that this would be brought up with John Robinson when he makes an accompanied viewing of the village. The Clerk agreed to contact the Dog Warden to ask about larger dog notices to be placed at the end of Gravel Path. Flooding issues were raised and Cllr Glassett reported that drainage work was scheduled to take place in the village. A blocked drain in Weston Hill will be reported to Clarence. The drain outside 87 Wappenham Road will also be reported as it was felt that the level of the drain prevented it from being effective.


5. Planning.
The following applications were considered: -
General purpose agricultural building Blackpits Farm Helmdon, the Parish Council supported this application.
Conversion of outbuildings to bed and breakfast accommodation (renewal of permission S960495P) Fountain House Helmdon, the Parish Council had no observations to make on this application.
General-purpose agricultural store Falcutt House Farm Helmdon, the Parish Council had no observations to make on this application.
The following decisions had been received: -
Detached garage and studio Fountain House - refused.
2 Storey extension at 2 Wrighton's Hill - approved.
Single storey extension at 67 Church Street - approved.
Replacement front door Ivy House, Station Road (listed building) - approved.


6. Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday 25th April.
It was agreed that Cllrs Digby and Smith would be invited to address the meeting. Danny Moody would bring along a computer and have the village website available for residents to look at. The Clerk would distribute travel tokens and information about travel schemes. The format would be less formal than previously and wine; fruit juices and light snacks would be available.


7. Road Safety issues and Local Transport Plan.
A petition had been presented to the Council requesting some action to improve the local roads around the entrance to the school. 95 people, 71 of whom were local residents, signed the petition. Road marking outside the school had been instigated by a School Governors saying that it was with the support of the Council, this was without any consultation with the Parish Council. The Highways Agency has said that they would not be prepared to do anything unless the school has it's own Local Transport Plan. Some money may be available for capital expenditure or under the Local Transport Plan to upgrade Gravel Path providing another safe route to school. This would need the support of the school and be included in the School's transport Plan. Cllr Brookhouse will liase with the school. Cllr Glassett will liase with John Robinson.


8. Concessionary Travel Tokens.
It was agreed that the Parish Council would not continue to distribute Travel Tokens. The Clerk agreed to find information about the local transport options available and make this information and the remaining tokens available at the Annual Parish Meeting.


9. Unadopted land at Shortlands Close.
Ten responses had been received from the residents in Shortlands Close. The Clerk will right to Highways seeking advice and asking for the definition of the Highway boundary


10. Restructure of SNC.
The Council considered the options being put forward and considered that under option A, elected councillors would not be party to the decision making process. After due deliberation it was decided that the Council preferred Option D.

11. Correspondence.
Details of South Northants Youth Council
SNC Register of Electors 2001 copy made for Reading Room
Pat Westwood SNC items of surplus furniture available
SNC Arts News spare leaflet for display in the Reading Room
SNC requesting clerk's support for County Council elections
NCC leaflet about Local Transport Plan 2001 - 2006
NALC March update for circulation includes details of changes of audit regulations
NCC Pocket Parks information leaflet
NALC invitation to attend the next meeting of the County Committee 26th May
NALC Clerk's training opportunities
Department of Trade and Industry detailing efforts to support rural Post Offices
SNC Invitation to Housing Strategy and Partnership Day (lunch included) Wednesday 25th April 9:30 - 14:00 Cllr Gittens asked to represent the Parish Council at this event. SNC Review
SNC Connections 2001 performance plan 2001 - 2002
NCC announcing launch of Dial-a-Ride scheme Jason, leaflets circulated
SNC timetable for review of Local Plan Northamptonshire Winged fellowship seeking financial support
SNC Animal Welfare quarterly report
SNC Animal Welfare micro chipping available Brackley Town Hall 10.5.01
SNC Animal Welfare details of pet Photo Show entries close 10.5.01
SNC Animal Welfare advice to dog owner's re foot and mouth
SNC leaflets providing details of composters available to purchase - circulated
NCC response to Foot and Mouth outbreak
NCC notice of intention to adopt County Structure Plan 1996-2016
Local Government Association invitation to attend Spring Conference 24.4.01
Rural Matters newsletter
Costain Skanska details of quarterly public meetings in Silverstone, Syresham and Ardley. Offering to attend a Parish Council meeting.
The Countryside Agency - guide to access rights created by new Act
Democracy Commission Questionnaire
Clerks & Councils Direct newsletter
Northamptonshire Local Transport Plan
Wilf Forgham re Central Railway proposals
Douglas Hadfield, Ben Smith, J Robinson re flooding in Helmdon
12. Finance.
Report back from auditor a/c 1999/2000
VAT paid for redecorating the Reading Room would have to be reclaimed from the management committee. A submission for VAT in the 96/97 accounts was inaccurate and would have to be reclaimed. The Fidelity Guarantee on the Insurance Policy needs to be raised. The auditor requested the deeds for the Reading Room. It was agreed that the deeds should be copied and a copy held by the Parish Council but the deeds should be securely stored. The Clerk will enquire bank costs for this. The accounts were amended, approved and signed. It was agreed that the Nottingham Bond was not a good investment and this would be cashed in with the money ring fenced for the future. The grass cutting tender for last year was for one year only. It was decided that this would be extended to two years to make the administration easier. The Clerk will contact Mr Rainbow and ask him to cut the same areas as last year. Cllr Glasset had spoken to Rev Roberts following a suggestion at the last meeting to raise amount of the Parish Council donation for churchyard upkeep. A written reply was being prepared.

Helmdon Parish Council Balances

The Council has 3889.17 in an Instant Access Account and a 500 Nottingham Bond.

Cheque No.








Opening Balance






Basketball sleeves












Tolley Book












School field rent





M L Rainbow

Grass cutting




162 Softbase Ltd Computer


163 Blackwell Allotment growth cut


164 ABB Electrcity


165 NALC Membership


166 NACRE Membership


167 L. Willcocks Petty Cash


168 L. Willcocks Salary and phone calls





Transfer from savings


169 Brackley Cottage Hospital Donation


170 Helmdon PCC Burial ground donation





Cash from sale of maps





Closing balance




13. Any Other Business.
Cllr Glasset reported that a draft contract had been written for the Clerks job. A meeting will be arranged to accept this.
It was agreed that last years grass cutting contractorwould be asked to cut the grass for this year and future tenders would be for two years.
A board is missing from the bench outside 46 Station Road and from outside the Church. Cllr Bearman agreed to look at this.
Cllr Glassett reported that he still had the information relating to Speedwatch but pressures at work had not enabled him to arrange the launching of the scheme.
The sign at the Station Road entrance to the village had been reported
A sign for Wappenham Road had been found and restored and would be replaced.

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