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Parish Council Minutes - March 2002


Minutes of the Meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Wednesday, 27th March 2002
in the Reading Room, Helmdon at 7:30 p.m..


Councillors Ayres, Bearman, Brookhouse, Burns (in the Chair), England, Glassett, Gittens, Harrold and Spendlove.

There were 10 members of the public present.

1. Apologies for Absence

No apologies had been received.

2. Minutes of the Last Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on the 23rd January 2002, having been circulated prior to the meeting were approved subject to item 2001/1518/CLO in Planning being amended to read "supported".

3. Matters arising

The item concerning the Brackley Cottage Hospital ( item 8 page 4 )is not shown in the agenda for this meeting and will be considered under " Any Other Business ".

4. Open Forum

(i) The matter of the safety of pedestrians crossing the bridge by Jeffs Coaches was brought to the attention of the Council by a member of the public. A discussion involving possible action which included the School Road Safety Traffic Plan and alternatives for reducing the speed of road traffic. The Chairman said that the matter of traffic calming will be considered at the next budget review.

(ii) Mrs Harwood congratulated those responsible for the excellent show of daffodils throughout the village.

(iii) Mr Phil Earl offered to cut the grass around the War Memorial weekly at no charge to the Council and this was received with thanks by the Council. The Clerk will write to Mr Earl confirming his offer.

(iv) Mrs Lidgely asked if she should plant begonias around the War Memorial and this was agreed to by the Council.

(v) Councillor Harrold said that vandals were causing problems with the remedial work being carried out at the school and asked anyone who witnesses any damage to report it to the Police who have been informed.

(vi) Mr Moody referred to the matter of a Helmdon Village appraisal which he has raised at previous meetings of the Council and he handed in a document (attached to these minutes) he had prepared about it. After discussion it was agreed that Mr Moody presents a proposal at the Annual Parish Meeting on 24th April together with a display inviting signatures of support in order that an application for grant aid be presented to SNC in July for the 2003 period.

(vii) Mr Moody asked the Council to agree to a new picture of Council members being placed on the web Site and this was agreed to.

(viii) The matter of rubbish on the allotments was raised and Clr Gittens said that action is being taken to remove it after Easter. He reported that a meeting of the Allotment Sub Committee will be held shortly and it will report back to the Council.

(ix) Mrs Lidgely raised the question of the missing Village sign in Station Road and the Clerk reported that it is hoped the new sign will be positioned in its new location early in May.

(x) Mrs Lidgely raised the question of an Annual Spring Clean of the Village and Councillor Glassett said that plastic bags etc are available from previous years' Spring Cleans to those who are prepared to undertake it.

5. Planning

(i) Councillor Brookhouse reported having received two planning applications for consideration by the Council,

a) Ivy Cottage - an amended dimension to the previous application - it was agreed to support it.
b) The Warren, Falcutt - an amended plan for a two storey extension was submitted and it was agreed.

(ii) Waste Disposal Unit at Redlands House Farm - the Clerk reported on receiving the planning approval and the conditions included. It was agreed that a copy should be circulated to all Councillors.

6. Correspondence

The Clerk reported on the correspondence received since the last meeting of the Council. Various items were queried by Councillors and were answered to their satisfaction. It was agreed the Clerk should write to the Helmdon School informing them that the goal posts are not a Council responsibility. It was agreed to enter the Village of the Year Competition in the following categories:

i) Best Kept Village.
Ii) Most Active Community Village.
iii) Best Kept Churchyard.
iv) Calor Gas IT Award.

Councillor Glassett agreed to complete the application forms for (i) and (ii) and Mrs Lidgely agreed to progress item (iii) and Mr Moody item (iv).

It was agreed that in future the Clerk will circulate all councillors seven days in advance of the PC meeting with details of correspondence received and will invite comments on any specific items prior to the meeting.

7. Finance

(i) Current Financial Position : The Clerk reported the Council Balances on the 27th March 2002 were as follows

Current Account 1505.73
Savings Account .. 7478.74
Nottingham Bond .    500.00

(ii) Bills for payment : It was proposed by Cllr Glassett and seconded by Cllr Harrold and carried unanimously that the following bills be paid -

Cheque no.
Amount (£)
Viking Direct
W Forgham (Avatar Systems)
W Forgham (Salary)
W Forgham Postage
  Ink refills
NALC Membership
NACRE Membership

8. Northamptonshire County Council

(i) The Clerk reported on the current position concerning from John Robinson of WS Atkins (copy attached to these minutes together with report from Clr Bearman). The Council's appreciation was extended to Clr Bearman for the work he has carried out in compiling the report and it was agreed that the Clerk should send a strong letter giving full details of the items requiring attention to the County Councillor and to the officials responsible for the carrying out of the work.

(Ii) Waste Strategy : It was agreed that the Clerk complete the questionnaire concerning Waste Strategy. Councillor Brookhouse asked that his vote against such action be recorded.

9. South Northamptonshire Council

(i) Model Code of Conduct : After a lengthy discussion concerning the Code of Conduct received from the SNC Standards Committee it was agreed to hold a special meeting of the Council on Monday, 22nd April 2002 at 7.30pm in the Reading Room to discuss and finalise the question of the Model Code of Conduct after three Councillors, The Chairman, the Vice-Chairman and Clr Glassett have attended the NALC Meeting on the 11th April. The Clerk to confirm the meeting on the 22nd April to all Councillors.

10. Helmdon Parish Council

(i) Reading Room : It was reported that the AGM of the Reading Room Management committee will be held on May 27th 2002.

(Ii) Jubilee Mugs: The Clerk reported the position to date and informed the meeting that any Parishioner wanting to purchase a Mug should notify him no later than the 24th April 2002 together with the relevant payment (see attached notice).

(iii) Jubilee Seat
(a) It was agreed to order the slatted seat No JS102 made by Olleron Engineering of Preston at a cost of 598 +VAT + carriage etc.
(b) Clr Brookhouse reported that the following immediate action can be taken : chopping down bushes etc - Cllrs Brookhouse and Bearman clearing away - Richard Watson- costs to be determined clearing away roots etc - Jim Mumford - cost 170.00 (Clr Brookhouse declared an interest in the last item. It was agreed that all the last item be carried out immediately.
(c) it was agreed that the Clerk should contact the following local builders to ascertain if they are prepared to submit prices for the supply and laying of the paving of the area in Church Street together with the small wall and the fixing of the Jubilee seat: Messrs Wilson, Holt, Payne, and Humphrey.
(d) Grass Cutting: The Clerk reported that he has invited five contractors to tender for the grass cutting involving maintenance of the following areas: The front of the Reading Room, Jenners Hill, Wappenham Road, The Play areas at the rear of the School. Only one contractor, G & M, has confirmed their willingness to tender and it was agreed that when they confirm the price they will charge and after obtaining approval from all Councillors a contract should be placed with this contractor.
(e) Central Railway; The Clerk reported on the current position and informed members that the latest details are available for inspection.

11. Any Other Business

(i) Brackley Cottage Hospital : Clr Brookhouse gave a detailed reply about the current position concerning a complaint received about the availability of BCH for emergencies and explained that between the hours of 7pm to 8am on weekdays and between 12pm and 8am at weekends when all requests for doctors are diverted to a Health Call Centre which is an advisory center. If a Doctor is needed the person be asked to visit either Buckingham, Bicester or Brackley hospitals where a doctor will be available.

(Ii) Councillor Ayres reported the car parking facilities in Hintons Close have been completed satisfactorily but there have been complaints about safety. It was agreed that the Clerk write to SNC asking for the position to be resolved.

(Iii) Councillor England reported the railway bridge by Station House requires an immediate inspection after recent impact damage.

(Iv) Councillor England reported fly tipping along Welsh Lane and it was agreed that the Clerk write to NCC suggesting that the area be made into a proper lay by.

(v) Councillor Spendlove raised the question of the conditions of various footpaths and the Parish Paths Warden, (Clr Glassett), took note and will investigate.

There was no further business and the meeting was closed at 9.56pm.

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