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Parish Council Minutes - March 2003


Minutes of the Meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Wednesday, 26th March 2003
in the Reading Room, Helmdon at 7:20 p.m.

1. Present:

Councillors Burns, Brookhouse, Glassett, Gittens, England, Bearman, Earl, Spendlove and Ayres.

There were seven members of the public present.

2. Apologies:

No apologies were needed.

3. Minutes:

The Minutes of the meeting held on the 22nd January 2003, having been circulated, were proposed as correct by Cllr Glassett and seconded by Cllr Brookhouse and were adopted unanimously.

4. Matters arising:

i) Item 5 - Cllr Glassett reported that the banks of the stream are not too bad and the only problem appears to be a tree that has fallen down by Jeffs Coaches. As this is not the responsibility of the Parish Council the Clerk was instructed to write to the owners of the land asking them to attend to the matter.

ii) AOB - Cllr Bearman reported on the condition of the notice board in Wappenham Road and it was agreed that he should take the notice board down and repair and flash it at a cost of approximately £80.

5. Open Forum:

i) Judy Cairns said that Sue Lidgley had asked her to report that the seat in Station Road, by Hintons Close, is in need of repair and it was agreed that Cllr Bearman should have a look at it and repair it.

ii) Audrey Forgham asked if the Village of the Year sign will be renovated - the Chairman said he is pursuing the matter with NACRE.

iii) Audrey Forgham asked if the Council will write to Sue Lidgley congratulating her on the wonderful display of bulbs she has produced. The Clerk will write to her on behalf of the Council.

iv) Audrey Forgham asked if part of the award for the Village of the Year can be used to fund a plaque which can be set up showing that Helmdon has been adjudged Village of the Year three times. It was agreed that Cllr Glasssett will obtain prices for a suitable plaque.

v) Judy Cairns asked if there are any developments regarding the Central Railway proposals and the Clerk reported that he has not received anything for several months.

vi) The question of potholes was raised by various members of the public and the position was discussed. It was agreed that the names and addresses of the officials responsible for road works should be published on the notice boards and on the Web Site to enable members of the public to complain direct to them, as well as to Clarence.

vii) Brian Short asked what the position is regarding the planning application that has been approved for the change of use of the bungalow at Jeffs Coaches as it appears it will be used for training purposes.

Cllr Brookhouse said that the present application is for change of use to an office and if it is required for an additional use this would be subject to another planning application.

viii) Cllr Spendlove asked why the Chairman had censored her obituary of Alan Ryalls.

The Chairman told Cllr Spendlove that he had not censored her article but had been asked by the editor of Talkabout whether he should use seven pages of the magazine for the purpose. The editor then emailed the article to him. The Chairman told Cllr Spendlove that he had then visited Peggy Ryalls who told him that she did not wish to be associated with the article but selected some pieces from it and gave some family background information.

The Chairman further told Cllr Spendlove that on returning home he was contacted by Alan's daughter, Janet, who spoke to him for approximately 45 minutes and who provided him with considerably more detail about her father.

The Chairman said that ultimately he had compiled the information provided by the family which was then submitted and approved by them before publication.

Cllr Spendlove said she had also held a conversation with Peggy Ryalls who had agreed with her article. She said that Alan Ryalls stood for the freedom of the press and that in her opinion the article that went into Talkabout was unsuitable. She said that the issue is whether the Parish Council has any responsibility at all for what goes into Talkabout.

At this stage Cllr Glassett suggested we should move on the next subject on the agenda.

6. Finance:

i) Financial position as at 26th March 2003

Current account balance ………………… £ 2169.11
Savings account balance ………………... £ 8184.83
Nottingham Bond …………………………. £ 500.00

ii) Bills for payment

Cheque No.
NALC Membership
NACRE Membership
Viking Direct
Texprep duplicating
Helmdon PCC
W Forgham - salary
W Forgham - office expenses
Brackley Cottage Hospital
Multiflow Print Ltd - Talkabout

i) Authorisation was given to the Clerk to transfer £ 500.00 from the Savings account to the Current account if required.

7. Correspondence:

Correspondence from 27.1.03 to 26.3.03 inclusive:

NCC: Sustainable development newsletter
Waste transfer & recycling centre, Redlands Farm, progress report
SNC: Animal welfare service report
W S Atkins: Highways maintenance/gravel path
Mr Bearman; re School Traffic plan
Mr Harrold: re State of the village
DEFRA: Licensing bill
Standards Board roadshow
NALC: Village of the Year 2003 forms
NCC: South Northants Area Committee agenda and minutes
Village Viewpoint
Wildlife workshops
S N'hants Volunteer - march
SNC: Planning permission for barn etc at Astwell Farm
SNC: re regional assemblies
SNC: re mapping technician
Tribe enterprises re mobile skate park package
NACRE: re membership renewal 2003/4
SNC: Planning permission Pear Tree Cottage, Wappenham Road
SNC: Planning permission for offices at Jeffs Coaches
SNC: withdrawal of planning application 4 Wrighton's Hill
SNC: Planning application Cross Cottage , Cross Lane
SNC: Planning application for garage Cross Cottage
SNC: revised plan for 56 Wappenham Road
SNC: planning permission for mast and antenna at Kislingbury
SNC: Planning permission for 30 Church Street
SNC: Outline planning application 19/21/23 Wappenham Road
SNC: Planning application for Manor Farm Barn, Church Street
Home Fitness and Leisure equipment
Geo Plus polymer materials
NCC: Thursday bus service change of operator
NACR Northamptonshire Structure Plan Review
South N'hants Volunteer March report
SNC: Animal welfare service report for Nov/Dec/Jan
W S Atkins: re Gravel Path
Fibrenet re cable laying in Helmdon
SNC: planning application 14 Station Road
East Midlands Development Agency reports
ACRE: Playing fields
Winged Fellowship Trust: asking for donations
NCC: launch of draft supplementary guidance on the planning out of crime
NALC: funding boost for best value parish and town councils
Oxford Stage Company news
SNC: concessionary travel tokens order form
NCC: road closure , Brookside, Wappenham
SNC: Living on the Edge
NALC: Annual Report 2001/2002
SNC: List of planning applications from 16/1/03 to 19/3/03 inclusive
SNC: Heritage Open Days 12 - 15 Sep 2003
NCC: Road closure in Weedon Lois
SNC: Sounding exercise on directly elected regional assemblies
NCC Public Transport Information Strategy
Cherwell Vale NHS Trust - Welcome to Health Strategy
Cherwell Vale NHS Trust - Board Bulletin Feb 2003
Defra Quality Councils
Police Road Safety Road Show 22 May 1 - 3 pm
NCC: Local Transport Plan Consultation

8. NCC Matters:

i) Highways: the pothole in Church Street opposite Bell Close to be reported to WS Atkins for attention.

iii) The cable duct excavations: The contractor to be informed that more repair work is required around the War Memorial.

iv) Cllr Spendlove reported that 2/3 years ago she had agreed to be on the school admissions tribunal and she wants to withdraw and is informing the Council.

v) Welsh Lane; Cllr Glassett said the traffic on Welsh Lane has increased by 30% and the Clerk was instructed to write to Susan Mills enquiring about the future position.

9. SNC Matters:

i) The Clerk reported on the Parish Council Elections that are to take place on the 1st May 2003.

ii) It was agreed that in the case of a contested Parish Council Election the Clerk should apply for Poll Cards at a cost of 25p per elector.

iii) The matter of the waste bin in the Square, Wappenham Road was discussed, and the Clerk was instructed to write to SNC asking them to resolve the position.

10. Planning:

Cllr Brookhouse reported on the following planning decisions that have been made:

S/2003/0338/LB The Old House, Wappenham Road, Rooflights and internal alterations ..... Supported
S/2002/1600/P 30 Church Street Two storey extension ....... Approved
S/2003/0070/P 56 Wappenham Road Two storey extension ......... Approved
S/2003/0094/P Jeffs Coaches Station Road Change of use of bungalow to office
accommodation .............. Approved
S/2002/1684/P 14 Station Road Rooflights and conservatory ....... Withdrawn
S/2003/0323/P 5 Field Way Two storey extension ......... Supported
S/2003/0247/P Weston Hill House Single storey extension
and conservatory ......... Supported
S/2002/1622/ Cross Cottage, Cross Lane New detached garage ... Supported
S/2002/1532/PO Land adjacent to 4 Wrightons Hill
Detached dwelling ..............Withdrawn

i) Cllr Spendlove asked if there is any time limit on the works at the bottom of Field Way as the view at the entrance to the field is blocked by a trailer used for rubbish, and part of the field is still being used for the storage of scaffolding and other building equipment and materials, even over the footpath.

The Clerk was instructed to write to the Planning Enforcement Officer at SNC to ask if all the planning conditions are being adhered to.

11. Reading Room:

Cllr England reported the following matters concerning the Reading Room:

i) Roof Works have been completed.

ii) An estimate for the work required to the front porch is being obtained.

iii) The premium for the Insurance has been paid and the Secretary will send the Clerk details of the policy in force and a copy of the receipt for the premium payment for record purposes.

iv) The revised valuation of the Reading Room has not yet been obtained but is under way.

v) The Annual General Meeting of the Reading Room will be held early in May.

12. Village Action Plan Report:

i) Cllr Glassett reported that a public meeting will be held on the 1st April to form a steering group.

ii) Cllr Brookhouse reported on a meeting that had been held on Monday, 21st March when Rachael Abbot of NACRE was present. Cllr Brookhouse expressed concern at the answer he was given when he asked Miss Abbot what the position would be if the Parish Council did not agree with any of the recommendations included in the final Action Plan report, to which she had replied " hard luck "!!

iii) Miss Abbot stated that no more than two Parish Councillors should be on the steering committee.

13. School Travel Plan:

Cllr Brookhouse reported that it had been hoped that a meeting would have taken place between the school governors and the Parish Council but this has not been possible. He asked that it is recorded that the Parish Council have tried to liaise with the governors before any plan is put forward as the Parish Council is concerned that any monies earmarked for the travel plan may not become available if they are used in the meantime for other purposes.

14. Annual Parish meeting on the 23rd April 2003

It was agreed to provide food and drinks as in previous years and the Clerk was instructed to invite the County and District Councillors and both the Chairman of the school governors and the Headteacher to attend and address the meeting. Notices of the meeting inviting members of the public to attend will be published on the village notice boards and on the web site.

15. Any Other Business:

i) Cllr Spendlove asked members of the Council to let her know of their favourite hymns in order they may be sung at a Songs of Praise service in July.

ii) Cllr Spendlove informed the Council of a house to house collection in aid of Christian Aid Week - 11th to 17th May

iii) The owner of Stone Gables is to be asked to prune the trailing roses.

iv) Cllr Glassett asked about the Jubilee seat and Cllr Brookhouse said he is awaiting a quotation for the work of installing it.

v) It was agree that the Clerk write to the editors of Talkabout on behalf of the Parish Council congratulating them on the excellent current edition of Talkabout.

vi) As it was the last meeting in the present council's year the Clerk was congratulated for his work during the past 12 months.

Next Meetings

The next meetings of the Parish Council will be the Annual Parish Meeting on the 23rd April and the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 28th May, both in the Reading Room at 7.30 p.m.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.20 pm

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