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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on
Wednesday 23rd May 2001.


Present. Cllrs Ayres, Bearman, Burns, England, Gittens, Glassett and Spendlove, and five members of the public.


1. Apologies were received from Cllr Harrold and Cllr Brookhouse.


2. Election of Parish Chairman.
Cllr Burns was nominated by Cllr England, and seconded Cllr Ayres. All were in favour and Cllr Burns accepted the nomination. Cllr Spendlove proposed a vote of thanks to Cllr Glassett for his dedication and commitment during his time as Chairman. Cllr Spendlove commented that councillors would have to accept a greater level of responsibility to share the responsibility for work of the Council. Cllr Burns offered his thanks to Cllr Glassett for his hard work.


3. Election of Vice Chairman.
Cllr Brookhouse was nominated by Cllr England and seconded by Cllr Glassett. Cllr Brookhouse has agreed to accept the nomination if made.


4. Appointment to Committees & Parish Council Representatives.
The following committees and representatives were agreed:
Planning, Cllrs Brookhouse, Burns, Bearman, Glassett and Gittens.
Finance, Cllrs Burns, Glassett, Gittens and Harrold and the Parish Clerk.
Allotments, Cllrs Ayres and Gittens.
Road Safety, Cllrs Glassett, Brookhouse, England, Harrold and Spendlove, as well as a representative from the school governors.
Reading Room, Cllr England will continue as the Parish Council representative.


5. Minutes of the last meeting (27/3/01) were amended, approved and signed.


6. Matters arising.
The Parish Council has not been reimbursed for the VAT payment made on behalf of the Reading Room Committee. John Robinson has said that he will contact Cllr Glassett and arrange an accompanied viewing of the problem areas of the village. Mr Robinson is due in the village soon when some road repair work will be carried out. Mr Rainbow has agreed to cut the grass for another year. Next year it is hoped that all the areas of grass to be cut in the village could be put together on one contract.


7. Open Forum.
The Council were asked if they knew when the footpaths were likely to be re-opened after the Foot & Mouth restrictions. Cllr Glassett responded that most footpaths would be re-opened on Thursday. Some restrictions were still in place concerning dogs in vastly stocked areas. A new code had been issued and would be placed on open footpaths.


8. Appointment of new Parish Clerk.
The clerk has offered her resignation with effect from the end of July. The duties of the Parish Clerk had now been produced. Cllr Glassett commented that, as the Council were not prepared to pay the NALC recommended rates that the Council may not be able to advertise for a new clerk in their publication. Cllr Burns will write an advert for display on the village notice boards and the village website. A Committee of Cllrs Burns, Glassett, Gittens and Spendlove agreed to oversee the selection procedure. Respondents would be asked to reply by mid June and if no interest has been shown by the time the committee will consider further advertising. Cllr Glassett offered his thanks to the Clerk for her hard work and support.


9. Matters arising from the Annual Parish Meeting.
Any new information about Central Railway's proposal to re-open the railway would continue to be monitored by Cllr Burns who would maintain a book in The Bell.


10. Planning.
The Parish Council supported the following applications;
Conservatory at rear of 65 Wappenham Road, change of use from agricultural land to garden, 20 Bell Close. A request for a condition that no buildings should be erected on the change of use land was made.
Decisions: - Permission has been granted for - General purpose agricultural building at Blackpitts Farm Helmdon; Conservatory at rear Orchard House Church Street Helmdon; Detached farmhouse Manor View Farm on Amendment.

11. Correspondence.
ABB change of address.
St Mary Magdalene Church letter of thanks for recent 100 donation.
WRVS seeking financial support.
NALC Update. Animal Welfare survey.
PC Dawling copy of letter requesting safety repairs to road.
SNC Planning Department restructure details. Alzheimer's society newsletter.
NCC notice of adoption of County Structure Plan.
SKANSKA notice of public meetings.
NCC acknowledging receipt of temp weight restriction letter.
SNC seeking expressions of interest to develop a learn direct centre within District.
NCC Performance Plan details / questionnaire.
Wappenham Parish Council copy of letter requesting temp weight restriction.
Daventry & District Local Agenda 21 seeking local information, the clerk to respond that much of the information requested is available on the village website.
SNC Local Agenda 21 Strategy.
NCC Foot & Mouth update.
Caring Matters newsletter and survey.
SNC Who does What for information.
Conrad Woolley St Mary's Church seeking financial support for the upkeep of the churchyard.
John Robinson copy of letter to D Hadfield.
East Midlands Development Agency newsletter.
J Snow will not be continuing to cut the grass after the current financial year. The Parish Council expressed their thanks for his hard work. It is understood that Mr Snow feels that the Parish Council may not be happy with his work; Cllr Burns agreed to discuss with Mr Snow the need for all spending by the Parish Council to meet audit requirements.
SNC Jason leaflet and Bus Pass Scheme.
Information about
Brackley Hospital Trust thanking the Parish Council for recent donation.
NCC re overgrown hedge - Clerk to respond with owners details.
NCC Temporary road closure Astwell Road and Wappenham Road Abthorpe. The Clerk to request this does not take place during the Grand Prix.
SNC Art & News newsletter.
Daventry Volunteer Centre village mapping project, the clerk to respond that much of this information is available on the village website.
D Hadfield, copy of a letter sent to J Robinson (Highways).
Victim Support annual report.
Basketball installation details, Cllr Glassett will continue to oversee this project.
12. Finance.
The Council had met to discuss the clerk's salary. It was agreed that with effect from 1.4.01 the clerk would be paid an annual salary of 1250: to be paid in equal instalments bi-monthly. This would be reviewed again in November 2001. The Parish Council considered Mr Wooley's request for additional financial support for the churchyard. Cllr Spendlove declared and interest in this matter and provided some information but did not vote. Cllr Gittens proposed the Council increases it's donation to 200 per year to be paid in March. Seconded by Cllr Glassett, all were in favour.

Helmdon Parish Council Balances

Cheque No.








Opening Balance












Sales of maps










171 John Snow  
172 Cancelled  
173 T. Glassett VoY £12.20 APM Refreshments £47.62
174 Cornhill Insurance  
175 Powergen  
176 Cornhill Insurance Additional premium for War Memorial
177 L. Willcocks Salary
178 St Mary Magdalene Donation



Closing balance




13. Dates of meetings 2001 / 2002.
The dates for the Parish Council to meet have been booked with the Reading Room and are on the fourth Wednesday of the month as follows. July 25th 2001, September 26th 2001, November 28th 2001, January 23rd 2002, March 27th 2002, April 24th 2002 Annual Parish Meeting, May 22nd 2002 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.

14. Any Other Business.
It was agreed that a letter be sent to the resident at 59 Wappenham Road asking for the overgrown hedge to be cut back. A local Transport Plan will need to be provided by the school if funding for road safety issues can be spent in the village. Cllr Glassett felt that this money could be lost if the school did not produce a plan. The Clerk will contact SNC and ask if the hedge at the bottom of Station Road can be laid. The clerk will report the dips in the road surface and blocked gully at the crossroads. No Dog fouling signs need to be erected at the entrance to the school field and at Gravel Path entrance. Cllr England reported that at the Reading Room AGM it was agreed that the Parish Council should be asked to pay rent. No charge is made at the Public Record Office for the storing of the Reading Room deeds.

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