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Parish Council Minutes - AGM 2002

Minutes of the AGM of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Wednesday, 22nd May 2002
in the Reading Room, Helmdon at 7:30 p.m..

There were 3 members of the public present.

1. Apologies:

Apologies were received from PC Dawling
The Clerk read the letter of resignation of Councillor Harrold.
It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk should write to Cllr Harrold thanking him for the work he has done on behalf of the Council and the village.

2. Election of Parish Chairman:

Cllr Brookhouse proposed and Cllr Glassett seconded the nomination of Cllr Burns. This was carried unanimously. Various Councillors thanked Cllr Burns for all the work he had successfully carried out on behalf of the Council during the past year.

3. Election of Parish Vice Chairman:

Cllr Burns proposed and Cllr England seconded the nomination of Cllr Brookhouse. This was carried unanimously.

4. Appointment to Committees and PC Representatives:

The following committees and representatives were agreed:

Finance: Cllrs Burns, Brookhouse, Glassett, Gittens, and the Parish Clerk.
Planning: Cllrs Brookhouse, Burns, Bearman, Glassett and Gittens.
Allotments: Cllrs Ayres and Gittens.
Road Safety: Cllrs Glassett, Brookhouse, Bearman, England and Spendlove.
Reading Room: Cllr England to continue as the PC representative.

5. Appointment to Outside Bodies:

School Governors: Cllr Brookhouse.

6. Minutes of Last Annual Meeting:

The Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on 23rd May 2001 were read and adopted with two amendments, Para 6 - Snow to replace Rainbow and Para 10 - 20 Bell Close to replace 22 Bell Close.

6A. Minutes of Meeting held on 27th March 2002:

The Minutes of the Meeting held on the 27th March 2002 were read and adopted.

6B. Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting held on 22nd April 2002:

The minutes of the extraordinary meeting held on 22nd April 2002 were read and adopted.

7. Matters arising from the Minutes:

Annual Meeting - nil.
Meeting on 27th March 2002 - Para 4 The Clerk to write to Mr Phil Earl thanking him for cutting the grass around the War Memorial and suggesting he sends a bill at the end of the grass cutting period for the petrol he has used during the summer.
Reading Room AGM is now the 28th May 2002 and Cllrs Brookhouse or Burns to attend in place Cllr Glassett.
Extraordinary Meeting - nil.

8. Attendances during year:

The following is the list of attendances for the year April 2001 to March 2002 inclusive (excluding sub committee attendances):

Councillor Peter Burns .................... 5
Councillor David Brookhouse ............ 5
Councillor Terry Glassett ................. 6
Councillor Michael Ayres ................. 6
Councillor Richard Bearman ............. 6
Councillor Bill England .................... 6
Councillor Ren Gittens ................... 6
Councillor Cec Harrold ................... 5
Councillor Jean Spendlove ............. 5

9. Annual Parish Meeting held on 22nd April 2002:

The Clerk gave a verbal report of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 22nd April 2002.

10. Matters arising: nil

11. Open Forum:

The attention of the Council was drawn to the fly posting on telegraph poles and electricity poles and it was agreed that these notices should be taken down whenever they are posted.

12. Correspondence:

Correspondence received since the last meeting was tabled for Councillors to inspect:


Application for Public Entertainment License - Helmdon Reading Room
Clarence Light 24
RSPA Inspection of Play Areas in June
Planning Permission Ivy Cottage Church Street
Site Planning Meeting - Weston Hill House
Sundry planning applications in SNC
CAB Benefits campaign
SNC Animal Report
SNC Private House survey
NALC Race Relations update
SMS Bus Timetables
SNC Housing Strategy
SNC Performance Plan 2002
Cherwell Valley PCT meeting
South Northants Volunteer Bureau
Signpost magazine
Public transport grants


Village of the Year Notices
Planning refusal - 16 Church Street
SNC Sundry Planning Applications
NCC - Your Council Plan
Brackley Post -Council's Model Code of Conduct Notice
Burglar Alarms in connection with today's Quietness day
Age Concern notice
Postal deliveries in Helmdon
Planning refusal - Weston Hill House
NALC copies of tenancies for allotments
NALC Notices of Council Meetings
SNC Registration of members interests
SNC Area Committee notice
Highways Agency, Grand Prix arrangements

The correspondence is laid on the table for Councillors read individually if they so wish.

13. Planning:

The following Planning Applications were considered:

i) S/2001/1355/LB …….. The Old Cross, Cross Lane …………. supported.
ii) S/2002/0274/P ………. The Warren, Falcutt ………………. supported.
iii) S/2002/0614/P ………. Fountain House, Wappenham Road …. Opposed

14. Finance:

i) Council Balances on the 22nd May 2002

Current Account ................ £ 1890.94 (after cheques 207 & 208 are paid)
Savings Account ............... £ 9976.74
Nottingham Bond .............. £ 500

ii) Cllr Glassett proposed and Cllr Brookhouse seconded that the following bills be paid and this was carried unanimously:

Cheque no.
Multiflow (paid 27.3.02)
Ollerton Limited (paid 16.5.02)
Cornhill Insurance PLC
Mrs S V Lidgeley
Powergen Energy PLC
Mirrorad Ltd
W J W Forgham - salary
W J W Forgham - office expenses
photocopying 21.00
stamps 23.00
perspex 3.90
Annual Parish Meeting - wine etc. 16.23
W J W Forgham - phone calls 26.10.01 to 22.05.02 7 months @ £6 month
JEMS Stationers
C&E Homes & Garden grass cutting

(iii) Cllr Glassett referred to safety equipment at the playground and stated the need to have chains supplied and installed where the tyres are. It was agreed to instruct Playdale Playgrounds Ltd to supply and install 2 no. CH2S ( ground fix chains ) @ £28 each plus delivery and installation @ £75 = £131 total plus VAT.

iv) A meeting of the Finance committee was arranged for Wednesday, 5th June at 7.30pm at Peters Farm.

15. Allotments:

Cllr Gittens reported that there are 12 allotments of which 10 are occupied and 2 are vacant. Invoices for the current year's rent have been sent out.

16. Model Code of Conduct:

The under mentioned Councillors handed in their completed forms showing notification of interests and the declaration of undertaking to comply with the Model Code of Conduct.

Councillor Brookhouse
Councillor Glassett
Councillor Burns
Councillor England
Councillor Gittens
Councillor Ayres
Councillor Bearman

The Clerk will make two copies of all the completed forms and will give a copy to each individual Councillor and retain copies for the Parish Council records.

The Clerk was instructed to write to the Monitoring Officer at SNC and the standards Board to obtain dispensation for all councillors to debate and vote as trustees on matters affecting the Reading Room.

17. Speedwatch:

Cllr Glassett reported on the launch of the Speedwatch scheme and said that at present over fifty people have signed up for the scheme.

The Primary School will be participating and it was agreed that the PC will supply a small prize to the class which is the most successful in enrolling parents and
others to Speedwatch.

Cllr Glassett said that the next phase will be the presence of police speed signs which give motorists an indication of their speed followed by police speed cameras.

18. Village Plan:

Cllr Glassett reported having received an invitation to attend a meeting at SNC who will explain the next step in obtaining funding for the Village Plan. Cllr Gittens will attend together with Cllr Glassett.

A letter is to be sent to all the village organisations inviting their response to the proposed village plan.

19. Individual Matters raised by Councillors:

i) Cllr Brookhouse reported on the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and said that all
residents should report any unusual matters as there has been a spate of burglaries in in the village.

ii) Cllr Glassett reported that the Village of the Year application forms have been submitted and judging will take place between June and the end of September.

iii) The Playground Committee to comprise Cllrs Glassett, Gittens and Bearman.

iv) The new Jubilee Seat to be added to the insurance policy.

v) Vacancy on the Council: The Clerk will publish details of the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Cec Harrold and will report on progress.

20. Matters not dealt with in the previous items on the Agenda:

i) Reading Room Rent : it was agreed to tell the Reading Room AGM that because of the adoption of the new Model Code of Conduct discussion on the question of rent by the members of the Parish Council must be deferred until the position of councillors who are all trustees tees of the Reading Room has been clarified.

ii) Highways: The Clerk gave an up to date report on the position of road repairs in the village and the village sign in Station Road which is expected to be reinstalled within the next two weeks.

iii) It was reported that the Jubilee Seat and the Jubilee Mugs will be delivered during week commencing 27th May.

iv) Central Railway: the Clerk reported on the current position as reported by the SNC. The Clerk to investigate the current position on the Central Railway web Site and liaise with the Chairman if any further action is required at this stage.

21. Dates of Meetings in 2002 - 2003:

The following are the dates of Council Meetings until May 2003 ………


July 24th
September 25th
November 27th


January 22nd
March 28th
Annual Parish Meeting …. April 23rd
Annual Council Meeting .. May 28th

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.16 pm.

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