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Parish Council Minutes - November 2003

Minutes of the Meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Wednesday, 19th November 2003
in the Reading Room, Helmdon at 7:30 p.m.

Present: Cllrs Burns, Brookhouse, England, Earl, Spendlove, Moody and Smith.

Apologies were received from Cllrs Bearman and Gittens

The Meeting was called to discuss the Draft Standing Orders.

Councillor England proposed and Councillor Earl seconded "That the Draft Standing Orders be adopted and that they should be amended as required subsequently" - this was put to the meeting and was carried by 6 votes for and with one abstention.

It was then agreed that the meeting would examine each clause of the draft orders and recommend any amendments to the Council on the 26th November 2003 . the following amendments were then agreed as noted -

Clause 1 the time of meetings should be altered to read after 6.00pm
Clause 2 Monday should read Wednesday
Clause 3 delete "statutory"
Clause 4 delete " on the ….. Meeting" and "or"
Clause 5 OK
Clause 6 add after Clerk:: "or Responsible Financial Officer" Paragraph f) add "District Council" in place of Council
Clause 7 OK
Clause 8 after "quorum, the" add "appointed"
Clause 9 omit "signed"
Clauses 10 to 19 OK
Clause 20 4th line replace "is" with "it"
Clauses 21 to 27 OK
Cl;ause 28 a) "is" to read "it"
Clauses 29 to 39 OK
Clause 40 delete " Playground Committee"
Clause 41 OK
Clause 42 delete all after "Annual Meeting of the Council"
Clauses 43 to 47 OK
Clause 48 omit "signed"
Clause 49 OK
Clause 50 amend to read "A Council member"
Clause 51 after "orders, be" add "notified of the meeting"
Clauses 52 to 54 OK
Clause 55 amend " February" to read "January"
Clauses 56 to 68 OK
Clause 69 amend "Aswell" to read "Astwell and omit :," after "Ward".
Clause 70 a) after "Clerk" add "or Chairman of the Planning Committee should, as soon as it is received…"
Clauses 71 omit "," after "committee".
Clauses 72 to 83 OK
Page 11 - Schedule 2
j) delete :as the person…… the Council" and add after "communications" - "as received by the Council"
Page 12 - Policies and Practices …. Contract value/process
1. Amend "3" to read "2"
After Local Suppliers 1 and 2 add "Open Forums":
"Open Forums should be included on the agenda of Council Meetings at the discretion of the Council".

It was agreed that the above amendments should be reported to the Council at its meeting on the 26th November 2003 for its approval.

The Meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

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