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Parish Council Minutes - November 2005

Minutes of the meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council
Held on Wednesday 23rd November 2005
In the Reading Room, Church Street, Helmdon at 7:30 p.m.

Present: Councillors Burns, Brookhouse, Moody, Bearman, Spendlove, Earl, England, Gittens and Parish Clerk

There were two members of the public present

1. Apologies:

Apologies received from Councillor Smith who was on annual leave

Before the meeting started, Cllr Burns advised the council that he believed that the meeting had not been advertised for the full three clear days required and that all decisions made in the meeting could be illegal. Cllr Moody pointed out that the meeting could go ahead with the councils agreement, but it would have to be classified as an emergency meeting and all decisions noted in the minutes as such. The council narrowly voted to postpone the meeting until Friday 2nd December 2005.

Minutes of the emergency meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council
Held on Wednesday 23rd November 2005 at 7.45pm

Cllr Moody proposed that we sign the audit forms as a matter of urgency and was seconded by Cllr Gittens, all were in favour.

Finance: Signing of the audit papers

The council had already agreed the figures in the July meeting and the Finance committee proposed that the Terms of Assurance should be completed and signed with two answers being marked as 'NO'. These would then be qualified in writing before sending of to the auditor. The council listened to all of the Terms and agreed that the Finance committee's proposal was the best way of completing the audit document. Question 4 and 6 were marked as NO for qualification in writing. Question 4 related to proper provision for the accounts to be reviewed by the public and although this may have been done, the clerk could not be certain that it had not been done correctly. All efforts will be made to ensure that this does not happen again. Question 6 related to maintaining adequate and effective systems of internal auditing and although the clerks own processes were rigorous, the council found out earlier in the year that their Internal Auditor should not be from within the village. The council have since elected to use a NALC Internal Auditor for the next audited accounts.

Date of next Parish Council Meeting
2nd December 7.00pm

Meeting closed at 8.00pm

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