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Parish Council Minutes - September 2001


Minutes of the Meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Wednesday, 26th September 2001
in the Reading Room, Helmdon.

Present. Cllrs. Burns, Brookhouse, Glassett, Ayres, England, Gittens, Harrold and Spendlove. Two members of the public.

Appointment of Parish Clerk:
A report was received from the Personnel sub committee on the appointment of a new Parish Clerk and it was proposed by Cllr Glassett and seconded by Cllr Brookhouse and agreed unanimously that Mr W.J.W.Forgham be appointed Parish Clerk from the 26th October 2001.

1. Apologies were received from Cllr Bearman.

2. The Minutes of Meeting held on 25th July 2001 were read , amended, approved and signed.

3. Matters arising from the minutes.

i) Amendments to the cheque numbers issued after the meeting were made.

ii) The Clerk to enquire about the position of the planned Speedwatch.

iii) The Clerk to write to John Robinson and invite him to visit the village to discuss outstanding matters.

iv) The Clerk to write to the Chairman of the School Governors to arrrange an early meeting with the Parish Council to discuss the travel plan.

v) It was agreed to organise a meeting of the Play Area Sub Committee.

4. Open Forum.

There was no discussion.

5. Planning.

Cllr Brookhouse reported on the two meetings of the Planning Sub Committee held on 25/7 and 10/8.

1) Applications received from SNC Planning Dept.

2 metre wall at Astwell Farm ………………….......…. Approved
Conservatory rear of 44 Wappenham Rd …....….. Approved
Demolition of dry stone wall in Church St……...... Approved
Replacement dormer window 3 Cross Lane……..... Approved
Change of use Wappenham Rd to Golf course………Refused
2 storey extension Weston Hill House ………......… Refused

2) The Planning Sub Committee considered the following applications:

Extension to 25 Church Street ………………...... Agreed to support
Dwellings on land off Church Street…………..... Refer to TPO on corner of site
New entrance to Kiln Farm, Wappenham Rd…. Agreed to support

6. Correspondance.

The following correspondence has been received:

July & August
Training courses for Parish Councillors and Clerks Interest, standards and conduct ……. 8/11. 14/11 (Agreed Cllr Glassett go on this course - cost £10)
Planning system ………………………..31/10
19/7 N.C.C. Foot and Mouth - rights of way update
19/7 N.C.C. Collating information re Riverside - Towcester
3/8 N.C.C. ACRE Annual General Meeting on 29/8
2/8 S.N.C. S.N.Area Committee - schemes for inclusion in this year's budget by 24/10 (Cllr Glassett to circulate to all Councillors)
6/8 N.C.C Bus Timetables - changes from 13/8
6/8 N.C.C Community Action Plan - seminar on 18/9
8/8 S.N.C. Highways - culvert at Astwell Road
9/8 S.N.C. re low flying aircraft
9/8 N.C.C. road closure Astwell Road -15 - 31/8
10/8 Lighting Failure of lights in Church St (CLARENCE - (Clerk to take action)
16/8 N.C.C. Notice of change for Registration of Births Deaths and Marriages (details to be sent to Talk About and Web site)
30/8 Nottingham Council - Re : Bond certificate before payment
30/8 Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association (acknowledge with no action)
2/9 Lisa Kershaw re public meeting in Greatworth about proposed development. (letter acknowledging to be sent pointing out it was received after the proposed meeting)
N.C.C. Questionaire re best value review - benefits to be in by 7/9 planning and transportation 2001/2
6/9 S.N.C. S. Nhants Area Committee agenda for meeting list of schools achievements 2000
11/9 S.N.C. Standards Committee - comments by 5/10
A43 Dualling - News letter Notice re AGM & Conference - Northamptonshire Assn of Local Councils Sat, 27/10 - applications to be in by 27th September - £15
16/8 Audit Commission re new approach
31/8 S.N.C. Volunteer Bureau
4/9 N.C.C. Planning and Transportation Service- best value review - Questionaire to be in by 25/9
5/9 East Midlands Electricity - unmetered supplies certificate
7/9 NHS Executive consultation on proposal to establish a Leicestershire, Northants, Rutland Health Authority
/9 N.A.L.C. AGM Sat 27th Oct
11/9 Alzheimers News Letter
11/9 Banbury CAB asking for a donation
13/9 S.N.C. Animal Welfare Services - quarterly report
14/9 Audit Commission Pathfinder Audits
19/9 S.N.C. Village improvement plans - Parish Action Plans registration of interest by 12th Nov
24/9 Helmdon Fellowship Application for a grant for a wheelchair (matter deferred until response from request to SNC received).

7. Finance.

Bills to be paid:

185 ….. Danny Moody - web site registration ……………. £ 50.00
186 ….. Playground Management - annual inspection ….. £ 72.86
187 ….. M l Rainbow - grass cutting-Aug and Sept ……… £160.00

8. Any Other Business.

i) The Clerk to write to the S.N.C. Dog Warden requesting two notices about dog fouling to be placed at each end of the gravel path.

ii) The Clerk to write to County Highways asking for the current position regarding the 40 ton limit on Station Road Bridge and when the last inspection was carried out.

iii) The Clerk to write to the Management Committee of the Reading Room concerning their letter saying they intend charging the Parish Council rent for any meetings held from April 2002. To enable the Council to consider the letter the Clerk to ask: i) is the management committees decision valid? ii) how many organisations are currently not being charged rent? iii) what are the charges the management committee propose making?

iv) An Email address has been established for the Parish Council, it is: HelmdonPC@msn.com.

There was no further business and the Meeting closed at 9.55pm.

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