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Parish Council Minutes - September 2002


Minutes of the Meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Wednesday, 25th September 2002
in the Reading Room, Helmdon at 7:30 p.m..

1. Present:

Councillors Ayres, Bearman, Brookhouse, Burns (in the Chair), Earl, England, and Spendlove.

Apologies received from Cllrs Glassett and Gittens.

2. Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on 31st July and 21st August 2002, having been circulated, were approved and signed as a true record with the following amendments :
i) Cllr Earl pointed out that his name is spelt without a second "e" and the minute was amended accordingly.
ii) Cllr Brookhouse asked that the vote concerning the Village Action Plan should be amended to 4 votes for, 1 vote against and 4 abstentions. This was agreed to.

3. Matters arising

i) Cllr Spendlove gave her apologies for her non-attendance at the special meeting on the 21st August as she had not seen the notice calling the meeting.
ii) Hintons Close - the Clerk was instructed to write to SNC asking them to formally record that there is nothing further they can do to the new parking arrangements in Hintons Close to avoid any accident occurring due to the fall in levels.
iii) The refuse bin in Wappenham Road is dismantled and Cllr Bearman agreed to reinstall it.

4. Open Forum

Mr Brian Short raised the question of Councillors dealing with various matters owing to any restrictions the new Code of Conduct may impose on them. The restrictions were explained by the Chairman and Councillor Brookhouse, as Chairman of the Planning Committee, explained the position regarding planning matters.

5. Finance

i) The financial position at the 25th September 2002 was :

Current Account …………………………. £ 4439.40

Savings Account …………………………. £ 8180.68

Nottingham Bond …………………………. £ 500.00

ii) The following accounts were approved for payment:

Amount £
J Parker (Wholesale) Ltd
JEMS Stationers
C & E
W Forgham (Salary)
W Forgham (Expenses)

6. Correspondence

Correspondence between 1.8.02 and 25.9.02

S Nhants Alzeimers Society news letter and annual report
ACRE invite to village of the year Awards 26. Sept.
SNC Year Book 2002/2003
Clerks and Councils Direct Yearbook 2002/2003
NALC Wheelclamping on private land
NALC DEFRA Organolin compounds - update
NALC changes to landfill tax credit scheme - update
NALC Race Relations (amendment) Act 2000
NALC Changes to licensing hours during all future New Years Eves - update
NCC Quick reference for highway related services
NCC Highways - bus timetables
NALC update June / July
NALC sundry information
NALC annual general meeting 19th Oct
SNC Grants for repairs to private properties
SNC Street name plate - Station Road
NCC Atkins Hintons Close Parking
NCC Parish Highways representative scheme Northamptonshire
NCC Atkins Parish Highways information initiative
DEFRA Parish and Town Councils role in planning
Brackley Quad Center
SNC Supplementary Planning Guidance, Telecommunication masts - draft for consultation
Wellingborough & SNhants Rural Transport Partnership
NALC Village Viewpoint - Autumn 2002
DEFRA Rural Services Standard 2002
Highways Agency opening of the A43 to M40 dualling
N'hants Touring Arts Agency general details and menu
NALC Update August 2002
NALC meeting regarding Code of Conduct 10th Oct
NALC Parish Lengthsman pilot scheme
NCC S N'hants Area Committee 5th Sept
NCC Highway reps meeting 26th Sept
S Nhants Volunteer Bureau information  
SNC Guide for Parish and Town Councils re involvement
in determination of planning applications
SNC development Control Charter  
Cherwell Vale Primary Care Trust brochure  
Insurance for Brackley Athletic FC  
Countryside Agency Doorstep greens initiative  
Arts Touring Agency general information  
CPRE to those who build in Northamptonshire  

It was felt by the Council that a letter should be sent to the Commission for Racial Equality registering the concern of the Council that unnecessary expense was incurred in sending the details of the Race Relations Code of Practice to the Chairman of the Council, (rather than the Parish Clerk to whom the accompanying letter was addressed), by registered courier rather than by using the Royal Mail.

7. County Council Matters

i) Highway matters: The Clerk reported that he would be attending a meeting on the 26th September on behalf of the Council at Northampton in connection with the new Highway representatives scheme. It was agreed the Clerk should attend.
ii) Village Signs: the Clerk reported that the missing Station Road sign will be installed very shortly.
iii) A discussion took place on whether there has been any lessening of the through traffic using Helmdon since the opening of the A43 improvements and it was agreed that Councillors will monitor the position.

8. SNC Matters

The Clerk reported that he has not yet sent out tender documents in connection with the cleaning of the river bank by the allotments. Members suggested that the Clerk contact those land owners who may be involved to see if anything can be done jointly.

9. Reading Room Matters

i) The Clerk reported that all Councillors have been granted dispensation to discuss and vote on Reading Room matters but pointed out that it is still the responsibility of each individual Councillor to declare any particular interests and have them recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
It was also reported that the three Councillors who represent the Council on the Reading Room Committee do not have a similar dispensation when discussing
Management Committee matters and they must observe the requirements of the Model Code of Conduct.
ii) After discussion Cllr Brookhouse proposed and Cllr Earl seconded that in the interests of good government the Council should continue their deliberations as they have always done unless they are challenged in accordance with the Model Code of Conduct. The proposition was put to the meeting and was carried by 5 votes in favour, and 2 abstentions. Cllr Spendlove asked that her abstention be recorded in the minutes.
iii) The question of rent payable by the Parish Council was deferred until the next meeting of the Finance Committee.
iv) Cllr England reported that it is hoped the alterations to the Reading Room will be completed by the end of October and the Post Office facilities will be reinstated then.

10. Planning

i) Cllr Brookhouse reported there were no minutes of Planning Committees to be approved.
ii) The following planning Applications were discussed:
a) SN/01899C (SM010/C) …… Recycling Centre at Blackpits, Redlands Farm, Helmdon - the Chairman reported that he has visited the site and has discussed the various conditions the NCC will impose and has been assured that they are all in the interests of the community, in particular that vehicular traffic will be routed via the A43 to and from Brackley and the site.
b) S/2002/0967/P .…. installation of oil tank at 38 Station Road, Helmdon. Supported subject to suitable screening.
c) S/2002/1147/P .…. erection of a timber hay barn etc. at Astwell Mill Farm. Supported
d) S/2002/0973/P….. provision of disabled access and toilet facilities at the Reading Room, Helmdon. Approved.

e) S/2002/1162/P …. installation of extractor fan and partition walls at Cross Cottage, Cross Lane. The Clerk reported that this application has been withdrawn.
f) The question of the Calor gas tank at 40, Station Road was raised and it was reported that although nothing can be done, planning wise, it has been suggested that the tank should be adequately screened to minimize the impression it presently gives to the public.

11. Any Other Business

i) Village Action Plan: In his absence the Clerk reported that Cllr Glassett has been informed that the result of the Village Action Plan will be known in Mid October.
ii) ROSPA Report: the playground committee is arranging a meeting to discuss the report.
iii) Jubilee Seat: The Clerk reported that as NCC own the land in Church Street where it is proposed the Jubilee Seat will be installed, permission has been given, subject to very stringent, (and perhaps unnecessary) conditions in connection with warrantees insurance and similar, and as a result it now appears unlikely that the Council will be able to proceed. Mr Tony Humphrey, a local builder, had previously
offered to carry out the installation completely free of charge to the Council but in view of the stringent (and ridiculous requirements of the NCC) he has found it necessary to withdraw his offer. It was unanimously agreed that the Clerk should
try to obtain quotations from various Contractors for the installation of the seat and village pump to ascertain what the costs will be.
iv) Talkabout: It was agreed that Richard and Marie Wray, joint editors, should be thanked for the excellent production of the September Talkabout and it was agreed that the Finance Committee should meet to discuss with Mr Wray the cost implications of future editions of Talkabout.
v) Hedges in Station Road are overhanging in the area between the shop and the bridge and the Clerk was asked to write to the owners of the land and ask that their hedges are cut.
vi) Poppy Day Appeal: the Council have been asked if a new organiser can be found in Helmdon. Councillor Earl volunteered to organize the appeal In Helmdon - the Clerk will give him all the relevant correspondence.
vii) Armistice Day Service: The Chairman of the Council will arrange the laying of the wreath at the War Memorial on Sunday, 10th November.
viii) Councillors who wish to attend the memorial service in Brackley on Sunday, 10th November at 3.00pm should notify the Clerk.
ix) The Clerk was instructed to write to the Rector and Rev Drage to ascertain their proposals for the memorial service and it was suggested that after the service at the War Memorial the assembled company could walk up to the Chapel or Church depending upon where the service will be held.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 8:50 p.m.

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