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Parish Council Minutes - September 2003


Minutes of the Meeting of the Helmdon Parish Council held on
Wednesday, 24th September 2003
in the Reading Room, Helmdon at 7:30 p.m.

Present: Councillors Burns, Brookhouse, Bearman, England, Spendlove, Earl, Moody and Smith.
Apologies: received from Councillor Gittens who joined the meeting later.

There were 3 members of the public present.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman who explained that Item 6 of the Agenda - Planning was being deferred until after the Council Meeting to permit lengthier discussion.

1. Minutes of Meeting held on the 24th July 2003

These minutes were read and signed as a correct record.

2. Matters Arising:

i) Cllr Smith queried item 2 ii and Cllr Bearman replied that he is looking into the matter.
ii) Cllr Smith queried item 3iii and the Chairman said the matter is proceeding.
iii) Cllr Smith queried item 4 iv and the Chairman said that the appointment is for the length of the present Council
iv) Cllr Smith asked if there has been an insurance claim for the vandalism at the playground and it was reported that as the damage has not been as bad as first thought no claim is being pursued.
v) Cllr Smith queried item 12 and asked why there has not been an item on the Agenda for discussion of the draft Standing Orders.
After discussion a Standing Orders Sub Committee was formed consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Cllrs Spendlove, Earl, Moody and Smith.

3. Open Forum:

i) The question was asked if any information has been obtained about the running costs of the present bus and taxi services compared with the previous costs and Cllr Brookhouse said that it has not yet been possible to obtain information regarding comparative costs but these will be available after the present schemes have run for a year.
ii) It was asked if 30 mph signs are to be painted on the road surfaces in the village and Cllr Brookhouse replied that these will be done as part of the School Travel Plan.

4. Finance:

i) Details of Council Finances as at 24th September 2003
  Current Account Balance
  Savings Account Balance
  Nottingham Bond
  Bills for Payment  
Cheque No. Item
  402 C & E
  403 Texprep
  404 Playground Management Ltd
  405 South Northants Council
  406 Helmdon Parochial Church Council
  407 W. Forgham - Salary
  408 W. Forgham - Expenses
  409 W. Forgham - Talkabout expenses
  410 Texprep - printing Talkabout
  411 ABB
    Total Expenses
  Summary of Clerk's expenses
  24.8.03 Stamps
  2003 telephone 1.6.03 - 30.11.03
  Income received to date for Talkabout
  from adverts
  still to come
  allowed in council budget

ii) It was reported that the Finance Committee has examined the Annual Return submission for the Audit 2002-2003 and recommends the following resolutions to the Council for its approval to enable the return to be sent for Audit

Resolution -

a) "This Council approves the Section 1 - Statement of Accounts to be submitted with the Annual return for the year ended 31 March 2003 and signed by the Chairman of the Council on the 24th September 2003.

b) "This Council approves the Section 2 - Statement of Assurances to be submitted with the Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2003 and signed by the Chairman of the Council and the Parish Clerk on the 24th September 2003.

After discussion Cllr Bearman proposed , Cllr England seconded and it was unanimously agreed that the above two resolutions "a" & "b" be approved.

iii) It was agreed to transfer £3000 from the current account to the savings account

4. NCC Matters:

There were no matters to report.

5. District Council Matters:

The Clerk reported that it has not been possible to obtain copies of the SNC Year Book for all Councillors

7. Correspondence;

i) Details of Correspondence received between 25/7/03 and 24/9/03

SNC Lists of planning applications received from 24.7.03 to 30.8.03
NCC New Council Funding Programmes
Cherwell Vale NHS PCT Health Focus - June 2003
N'shire Local Transport Plan
DTLR Consultation Paper - investigation and determination of
misconduct allegations
Towcester Area - door to door
DEFRA Rural Services standard 2003
SNC Animal Welfare quarterly report
NALC AGM and conference 25.10.03
N'shire Touring Arts news
NALC Update
SNC Annual Review
Heritage lottery fund circular
Playground Management Ltd invoice
Calor Village of the Year circular
Police Community Support Officer
SNC Election Costs
SNC Footpath Diversion Order
WS Atkins Wappenham Road haunching
SNC Standards Board Video - The Code of Practice
SN'hants Volunteer Bureau - August
WS Atkins - bus services in Helmdon
NCVC Road closure notice
East Midlands Dev Agency - August magazine
SN Volunteer Bureau - September
SNC Village Directory 2003 review
SNC re councils' get togethers
DEFRA - circular
Standards Board for England
Banbury CAB
The Local Channel - community web sites
NCC SN'hants area committee Agenda 9.9.03
NCC Libraries & Information service
Village Viewpoint Autumn 2003
N'shire Victoria County History Trust
N'hants voluntary car service
Frank Morris
Arts & News SN'hants
NACR new email addresses
MK & South Midlands Sub regional strategy - summary
N'shire Mineral Local Plan review
Pyro Team
Environment Agency - flood event data gathering
Calor Village of the Year
BT Payphone in the Green Helmdon
Refusal residential Devt off Church Street
Towcester Town Plan
Brackley Shoppers guide
National Playing Fields circular
HM Customs - VAT return
Clerks and Councils Direct Magazine

ii) The Chairman reported having received a letter from Mr David Powell regarding the waste bin in The Square.
iii) The Chairman reported receiving a notification from NACRE saying they had received a request for information which they normally only send to Council Chairmen and Clerks from a Helmdon Councillor. The Chairman asked that all future requests be channeled via the Chairman of the Council or the Clerk.
ii) The Chairman reported having received notification that a request on behalf of the Parish Council asking for funds for seats etc has been sent by a Councillor to
the Carnival Committee and he said that all such requests must go through the Chairman of the Council or the Clerk having first been approved by the Council.
v) The Chairman reported having received a letter of resignation from the Clerk.

8. Reading Room Report:

Cllr England said that following the recent Surveyor's Report it has been agreed to carry out remedial work to the gutters, roof and committee room. He also reported that there has been no response yet to the request for a supervisor for the Luncheon Club.

9. National Village of the Year Competitions 2003:

i) The Clerk reported that he has not received any word about the Northamptonshire VOTY competition and that we have declined to enter the National VOTY competition but we have been able to enter the National VOTY IT competition.
iii) The VOTY signs to be fixed to the four entry signs to the Village were discussed and it was agreed that the signs should be ordered and that the Chairman and Vice Chairman be sign a cheque between council meetings for the purchase of four signs at a cost of around £110

10. Helmdon Parish Plan:

Cllr Moody reported on the current position and said that 235 people visited the Future needs day and that a questionnaire will be sent out in November to all residents of Helmdon. He also reported that the HPP is currently operating within its budget.

11. Playground Committee:

Cllr Smith reported that the committee has now received the reports of the playground inspections and that they are now considering items to be submitted to the next budget meeting for inclusion. She asked that she be given permission to seek information and prices on behalf of the Council from suitable contractors for the work involved and after discussion it was agreed she can obtain such information. Cllrs Earl and Brookhouse voted against such permission being given

12. Matters raised by individual councillors:

i) Cllr Moody raised the matter of the Standing Orders sub committee and asked when it will meet. The Chairman said he will send out a list of dates for a meeting within the next ten days.
ii) Cllr Moody asked about the advertising for the Parish Clerk's position and the Chairman reported that an advert has been posted on the village notice boards and on the web asking people who are interested to apply to him no later than 31 October 2003 A sub committee comprising the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Cllr Spendlove was formed to deal with applications.
iii) Cllr Brookhouse reported on the Remembrance Sunday arrangements.
iv) Cllr Brookhouse reported on the Jubilee Seat and said that certain further work within the original budget cost needs to be carried out. The Chairman said he will ask the donor for the £500 promised.
v) Cllr Earl asked for volunteers to assist for the British Legion Poppy Day Appeal collection.
vi) Cllr Earl asked that NCC be approached to carry out work on the gravel path and the Clerk confirmed he will write to NCC.
vii) Cllr Brookhouse raised the matter of the new Police Community Support Officers and said that he was very disappointed in the way that the previous village beat constable had been transferred without the Police Authority notifying either the Parish Council or him as the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

13. Any Other Business:

The Clerk reported that Frank and Jo Morris have written saying they will be pleased to carry on the work around the War Memorial but asked that someone else be asked to undertake the work that Sue Lidgely has been carrying out.

There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.17pm

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