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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 26th July 2000.


Present. Cllr Glassett (Chair) Cllrs Brookhouse, Bearman, Burns, England, Gittens, Harrold, Spendlove and four members of the public.

The Chairman apologised for Open Forum inadvertently being left off the agenda. It was agreed that Open Forum would be available after matters arising.


1. Apologies were received from Cllr Ayres.


2. Minutes of the last meeting. (24.5.00 Annual Meeting of Parish Council) were approved and signed.


3. Matters arising from the minutes.

Unadopted sewers in Shortlands Close. The Clerk discussed this with Mr Livingstone at SNC and the sewers appear on the map as having been adopted.

Rubbish at Recycling Centre. A letter of thanks has gone to SNC for providing a waste bin. Concern was expressed about the large items of rubbish now being left at the centre and this will be reviewed.

Parking at Hinton's Close. No reply had been received from SNC, Clerk will contact District Councillor and SNC again.

The Station Road sign at Jeffs Bridge has been supplied. Growth along Gravel Path has been cut.

Restoration of Bier - Cllr Bearman will report back on estimate of costs.

Website - more information for it was requested from village organisations.


4. Open Forum.
A request was made from a group of local residents wishing to purchase individual allotments. The Parish Council will consider the request during "correspondence". The Council are unable to consider giving allotment holders first opportunity to purchase allotments should they become for sale because the Council has a statutory duty to seek the highest price.

Concern was expressed about the information on Central Railways Website and the Parish Council were asked to hold a public meeting. Cllr Glassett pointed out that this would be discussed later in the meeting.

Permission was sought and granted for photographs to be taken of the Parish Council for the village Website.


5. Central railway.
It was reported that SNC have heard nothing officially about any proposals. It was suggested that a proposal may be going before Parliament early in 2001. Most information appears to be coming from Central Railway's Website. The Parish Council agreed to call a public meeting as soon as firm proposals were presented.


6. Area Committees (County Council).

A meeting had been held recently to which the Council had sent apologies and asked for minutes to be forwarded. Among the items discussed were roads, travellers and a new school at Roade. It was agreed that Cllr Brookhouse would represent the Parish Council at the meetings; in his absence Cllr Harrold would attend.


7. Planning.

Permission has been granted for development at Falcutt Barn, Astwell cum Falcutt.

The clerk to enquire how long plans had to be retained by the Council. This will be considered by the Structure and Standing Orders Committee.

An application has been received for change of use from agricultural land to a golf course at Wappenham Road Helmdon. Two letters objecting to the development on the grounds of expansion of the village into greenbelt land, increase of traffic levels through the village, increased hazard to other road users at the proposed entrance in Wappenham Road, retainment of traditional hedgerows and safety of users of the bridle way running across the proposed development were received. The Clerk will reply and suggest that they raise their concerns with the District Council. The Parish Council were concerned about; environmental impact, traffic increase, association with the Sports Club and planning gain when previously considering this application. The Parish Council did not support the application as stated in the application and before any decision could be made it was agreed that further information be sought from SNC.


8. Parish Clerk's computer.

The Clerk has been experiencing some problems with her computer, the most urgent of which is that the monitor has broken. It was agreed that Cllr Gittens would look at the monitor and if necessary purchase a new one up to a maximum value of 150. Cllr Gittens will also look at the Clerk's computer and report back to the Council if he thinks a new system may be necessary.


9. Correspondance.

Local Transport Consultation Report.

R & M Wray, I & J Drew & J Cairns, allotment holders, asking to purchase allotments No 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, & 3A. The Parish Council do not intend to sell the allotment land and would make further enquiries to see if there is a covenant on the Title Deeds limiting the use of the land and to clarify the Council's obligation to provide allotments.

SNC - Information on recycling. Clerk to pass this on for the next edition of Talkabout.

S Lidgley - requesting help weeding and dead heading the roses around the War Memorial, also requesting the seat on The Green be painted. Lyndsey Glassett volunteered to do both.

NCC - report prepared by EIP into County Structure Plan available (5.50).

NCC - Temporary closure of road between Wappenham and Helmdon from 26th June, the work is expected to take two weeks.

NCC - Temporary closure of road between Towcester and Abthorpe from 10 July for two weeks.

NCC - Notification of closure of Wappenham Road, Abthorpe for work to start September or October which will last for three weeks.

NCC - Notification of meeting 26.6 to discuss A43 schemes. Clerk spoke to Cllr Glassett and decided as we had been informed by the Police about potential traffic problems we would request minutes.

NCC - Highways. Notes of meeting held 26/6. A further meeting to be arranged when contractor has been appointed.

SNC - Animal Welfare Quarterly Report.

SNC - Street nameplate for Station Road has been ordered.

NACRE Village Good Neighbour Project. Lyndsey Glassett to join steering committee.

Summer Spec Summer Programme.

South Northants Arts and News newsletter.

Sovereign - Reduced price equipment available to Parish Councils installing new playground equipment.


10. Finance.


Helmdon Parish Council Balances

The Council has 5358.58 in an Instant Access Account and a 500 Nottingham Bond.

Cheque No.








Opening Balance






Petty Cash





Chris Saunders

Repairs to Notice Board






Concessionary Travel Tokens






Spring Talkabout












Electricity maintenance





LP Finn Memorials

Restoration to War Memorial





Yorkshire Bank






M L Rainbow

Grass cutting





S Lidgley






L Willcocks







To savings account






Closing Balance




The audit for 97/98 & 98/99 had not been completed.

It was agreed that an additional grass cut be arranged. Two estimates had been received for removing the tree in Field Way; it was agreed to accept the lowest estimate.


11. Any Other Business.

Clerk to write to resident at Weston Hill Cottage requesting overhanging hedges be cut.

The formation of a Primary Care Trust for the area has been proposed which will hopefully mean more support will be available for Brackley.

A review of the Definitive Map has shown that the footpath ends before Jenners Piece. If this is the case responsibility for maintenance of Jenners Piece would belong to the Highways and not the Parish Council.

Cllr Harrold asked if any free trees were available for planting in the village, particularly Elm trees resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. Cllr Glassett enquire.

The Helmdon Video by the WEA had been entered for a millennium award but had been unsuccessful.

Speed Watch - Cllr Glassett was awaiting more information from ACRE.

Concern was expressed about a caravan parked in the field at the bottom of Field Way. SNC has said they will be monitoring the caravan but no planning permission is required if the land is in the same ownership.

Clerk to report large potholes in Station Road outside Seckington's Stores.

Clerk to write to NCC and Cllr Smith about grass cutting at the B4525 cross roads. Councillors were concerned about the visibility when the grass is long and felt the junction is a well known local accident spot and should not be treated as an ordinary area for cutting.

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