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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Wednesday 24th May 2000.


Present. Cllr Glassett (Chair), Cllrs Ayres, Brookhouse, Burns, England, Gittens, Spendlove, Sgt. Dawling and three members of the public


1. Apologies were received from Cllr Harrold and County Cllr Ben Smith.


It was agreed to bring item No 6 on the agenda (Community Police Officer's report) forward to item 4 during the meeting.


2. Minutes of the last Parish meeting 24.11.99 were approved and signed.


3. Matters arising. Cllr Glassett will arrange for the tree in Field Way to be felled in the Autumn.


4. Community Police Officer report. Sgt Dawling remains in regular contact with Cllr Brookhouse and the clerk and is in the village on most days. During the past year there had been a 42% decrease in crimes in the village compared with the previous year. 11 Crimes had been reported, 1 house broken into, 4 other burglaries, 2 vehicles stolen and 3 thefts from vehicles, no figures were available for solved crimes. Concern was expressed about the closure of Daventry Station as a designated holding station in favour of Western Favell as a central lock up point. The extra travelling hours needed would reduce the availability of local patrols. Clerk to write to Mr / Dr / Cllr Dickie (WHO / WHERE) expressing the Parish Council's concern about the lack of Police Man Hours on patrol.
The Parish Council expressed there thanks to Sgt Dawling for his report on Road Safety.


5. Committee reports.
Planning. The workload for the planning committee had increased in the past year. In 98 / 99 they had held 11 meetings, considering 17 applications. In 99 / 00 this had increased to 31 applications being considered at 13 meetings. Members of the public are able to attend planning meetings and look at any plans. The Planning Committee has designated powers to make decisions about planning applications but does not consult with neighbours, the District Council is responsible for consulting with owners of neighbouring properties. Different procedures are followed for Listed Buildings.
Finance. The finance committee had met several times during the year during which time the 96/97 accounts had been audited, the 97/98 and 98/99 accounts had been sent to the auditors and were awaiting a response. The accounts for the present year should be easier to prepare with the experience gained of the past years. The finance committee were pleased to be able to recommend no increase in precept for the coming financial year.
Allotment. 9 renewals had already been received with another one promised. The allotment committee proposed some form of remedial action be taken on the area of allotments that is unsuitable for cultivation. In the past year this area had lost points in the Village of the Year awards and it was recommended that this area be re designated as conservation or recreational land.
Road Safety. The plan for a successive safer footpath to school had been unsuccessful in gaining funding this year but would be considered again next year. It has been agreed to participate in the Speed Watch programme. Many of the issues being considered are not dependant upon finance being available but resources. Additional police support has been promised for villages participating in the Speed Watch scheme.


6. Representative reports.
Reading Room. Renovations had been necessary for the furniture in the committee room due to woodworm. Richard Bearman had carried out the work and a vote of thanks was expressed to Richard by the Parish Council. The committee had agreed to waive the hire costs to the Parish Council for it's meetings. A fridge had been installed in the kitchen and would be permanently left on. (discussion bout blanking off plugs!!!) The AGM would be held on the following evening.
Neighbourhood Watch. Regular contact had been maintained with the Police and villagers and suspicious cars in the village reported.
School governor. No respresentative was forthcoming from the Parish Council


7. Seat at pump in Church Street. The cost of a seat would be approximately 800 and money would need to be set aside or donations sought for providing this. Money may need to be set aside for the replacement of village furniture in future years.


8. Bus shelter. Over 100 signatures had been collected from villagers supporting this initiative. Grants are available from SNC Villages Resources fund, planning permission would not be necessary for siting a shelter on The Green. The shelter could be used by school children who frequently have to wait in the rain for the school buses as well as people waiting for the regular village bus services. After much discussion it was felt that there was not a sufficient need in the village for the provision of a bus shelter.


9. Open Forum. Congratulations were expressed for the excellent film produced to mark the millennium. A copy of the film and transcript had been given to the Parish Council by the WEA. Clerk to write to WEA Willy Watson for his high standard of video. A great deal of conflicting information had been circulating about the central Railways proposals including a timetable stating up and running details by 2007, much of it seeming to be gained from the web site. The Parish Council were not aware of any new firm proposals or any new consultations taken place but felt it might be an item for debate at the next Parish Meeting.

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