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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 22nd November 2000.


Present. Cllr Glassett (Chair) Cllrs Ayres, Bearman, Brookhouse, Gittens, Harrold and Spendlove and three members of the public.


1. Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr England who was unwell.


2. Minutes of the last meeting (27.9.00) were approved and signed.


3. Matters arising from the minutes.

Bulkhead have still not responded; the clerk to write again and highlight the recent problems experienced when the village flooded.

Hintons Close Parking - Cllr Digby has said that as the majority of houses were now privately owned, the District Council may not be responsible.

Finns had supplied a valuation of 15 000 for the War Memorial and this had been sent to the insurance company requesting it be included on the insurance policy.

Software - A further 120 will be needed to upgrade the Clerk's software.

Public access to Internet, Cllr Glassett understands that Helmdon may be one of three villages selected for trial. An application for lottery funding has been made and results will not be known until the funding application has been considered.

Speed watch - Cllr Glassett has the literature and will arrange a presentation when a speaker and date for the meeting can be agreed.

Road Safety conference, the road through Helmdon is a "green route" which is low priority and may not receive additional funding for safety projects.

Dog fouling - A notice showing ownership and byelaws is required at the foot path entrance to the school field.

A letter has now been received from Mr Lloyd, Fountain House outlining earlier comments.


4. Appointment of School Governor.
Cllr Brookhouse has agreed to be the Parish Council representative and will liaise between the school, Parish Council and Neighbourhood Watch. Cllr Brookhouse does not wish to become involved in management or policies of the school.


5. Open Forum.
Concern was expressed about a lorry parked in Station Road near the junction with Church Street. The Parish Council shared the concern for pedestrian safety and Cllr Brookhouse was asked to raise the problem with the community beat officer.
More than nine hundred visitors had visited the Helmdon Website during it's first month.


6. SNC Best Value Review
SNC had issued review forms for the following services:- Concessionary Travel, Refuse Collection, Recycling and Composting. A request for facilities for recycling plastics and an on street collection of recycling facilities will be included in the Council's response. Land and Property Management, Information Technology, Local Agenda 21 and Sustainability The Clerk will complete these reviews using her local knowledge.


7. Shortlands Close - Common Land and tree liability.
Following recent bad weather a tree branch had come down in Shortlands Close landing in a resident's garden and damaging the 'phone wire. The tree had been planted by the Parish Council more than twenty years ago as part of the free tree scheme. Enquiries with the scheme organisers had revealed that the responsibility for donated trees lies with the owners of land on which trees are planted. It had been difficult to find who owns the land in Shortlands Close. It is not owned by the Parish Council or the Highways Department. Action had to be taken about the tree that had come down and following extensive enquiries and in the interest of public safety the Chairman instructed Mr Gulliver to remove the tree. Following this it has come to light that some land in Shortlands Close does not appear to be adopted. The Clerk will write to all householders asking if individual deeds claim the land in question. The Clerk will also seek the advice of SNC Land Registry department. Parish Councillors were requested to report to the Clerk any other trees planted in areas where land ownership is unclear.


8. Parish Council Approved contractor list.
It was agreed that the Council should have a list of local contractors who are able to carry out work for the Parish Council. The Clerk to write to local contractors asking them if they wish to be included on the list and if so detailing work which they can provide. Evidence of third party liability insurance would be required. In the event of an emergency the Council agreed that the Chair, Vice Chair and one other Councillor could agree to expenditure on behalf of the Parish Council up to a limit of 200.


9. Concessionary Travel Tokens.
Eligibility for this scheme under certain heading was unclear. It was decided to write to SNC stating that any person needing to wear glasses could claim tokens claiming to be partially sighted. The Council agreed not to issue tokens to persons applying for tokens in this category. The council agreed that anybody applying for tokens claiming qualification under a disability category must be registered in some way as disabled, ie in receipt of DLA or some other disability benefit.


10. Planning.
The Council supported the listed building application for a replacement front door at Ivy House 10 Station Road Helmdon.
Decisions:- approval has been given for the installation of central heating system with external flue 27 Church Street, approval has been given for a 3m. high fence at Fountain House Helmdon.
The minutes of the planning meetings held on 17th and 26th of July were read, approved and signed.
Cllr Brookhouse had looked through the County Structure plan and read the proposed modifications and recommendations. Helmdon is not particularly affected by the plan, of the additional 1000 houses suggested for Brackley 50% had been granted planning permission but had not been developed. There were no suggestions to be put forward.

11. Correspondence.
Local Agenda 21 - Cllr Spendlove suggested some ideas to be put to the SNC Best Value review and also to be included in the village newsletter.
Brackley Means Business - requesting support to extend bus service.
NCC revisions to bus timetables.
Debbie Sheppard - Animal Welfare Officer - discounted price micro chipping - displayed on notice board, quarterly report.
NCC Winter gritting leaflets, circulated to councillors and left in Reading Room.
SNC Review.
Art and News in South Northamptonshire.
Village Viewpoint.
NALC AGM and Conference minutes, proposals, resolutions and Annual Report. NALC response to Audit Commissions Issues for stakeholders.
New perspectives offering arts based assistance with village projects.
Mr D De Burgh - Thomas 14 Wappenham Road Helmdon, copy of letter to NCC re flooding.
SNC Village design Guide, copied and circulated.
NALC Update.
SNC requesting information about village sport facilities, circulated for completion.
SNC Offering CD-ROM aerial survey of district.
ROSPA request for inspection, Cllr Glassett to complete.
VOY feedback. Highways agency Information for forthcoming dualling.
12. Finance.
The 1997/98 and 1998/1999 accounts have now been signed off by the auditors. Due to the delay in finalising these accounts the 1999 / 2000 accounts have not been completed for approval by the Parish Council.
To approve the tender for the scrub clearance on the allotment area. Despite notices being circulated to local contractors and adverts being placed on the Web site and on the village notice boards only one tender has been received. After some discussion it was agreed to accept the tender submitted, the clerk to write and ask that neighbours be considered if burning takes place on site.
Payments: Cllr Bearman declared an interest in the payment of accounts and took no part in the decision making process.

Helmdon Parish Council Balances

The Council has 5358.58 in an Instant Access Account and a 500 Nottingham Bond.

Cheque No.








Opening Balance












Nott. Bond Interest











L. Willcocks

Clerk's salary & expenses





A. Harwood

Expenses for web site





R. Bearman

Restoration of bier











S. Lidgley






G. Gulliver

Tree felling



150 T. Glassett Engraving of VOY sign 8.00
Closing Balance

2001 / 2002 precept
The Finance Committee will meet to discuss this and bring proposals to the January meeting. Items to be considered include updating Clerk's PC and the provision of a seat in Church Street to include clearing and landscaping. Petty Cash. The Clerk had experienced difficulty drawing cash needed for Petty Cash from the bank. It was suggested by the bank that only those signing cheques could request cash at the bank. The Clerk will discuss this with the bank and report back to the finance committee. The Clerk will also clarify procedures for transferring money between accounts.


13. Any Other Business.
The Clerk will contact Highways Dept and ask for salt bags to be delivered to Cllr Brookhouse for localised distribution
It was decided to write to SNC to suggest a Spring in Bloom competition be established in the District in recognition of the many bulbs planted in the district.
The newly restored bier is now re housed at the Parish Church and it was suggested that a visit to see the bier could be arranged.
The surface of gravel path is very uneven. The Clerk to write to Ms Mills requesting the path be upgraded under the local Transport Plan.
Cllr Glassett will arrange for the dead bough of an oak tree in the school field to be inspected.
Potholes should be reported to Clarence or the Clerk..
Problems with flooding in Wappenham Road due to low kerb stones were reported. The clerk will write to Highways to see if the problem can be solved.
Footpath bridge near Priory Farm needs attention, Cllr Glassett will inspect.
The footpath in Church Leys still needs to be cleared, Cllr Glassett will contact landowner.
227 had been raised in the village for the recent poppy collections.
The village name sign in Station Road is missing, the clerk will contact SNC and ask for a replacement one.

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