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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 27th September 2000.


Present. Cllr Glassett (Chair) Cllrs Ayres, Brookhouse, Bearman, Burns, England, Gittens, Spendlove.


1. Apologies were received from Cllr Harrold who is on holiday.


2. Minutes of the last meeting (26.7.00) Were approved and signed.


3. Matters arising from the minutes.

Drainage in Station Road - A letter had been received from Bulkhead to say that they will consider our letter at their next meeting.

Hintons Close Parking - Mr Preston (SNC) and Cllr Digby will look into the need for additional parking.

Rubbish at recycling centre - Larger items are being cleared away. An item will be put into the next edition of talkabout asking people to bin or remove rubbish after depositing items for recycling.

Grass cutting at B4525 cross roads - the clerk had received a 'phone call and a letter confirming that the area will be put on a new rota and receive six cuts per year.

Request for purchase of allotments - the Title Deeds confirm that the land was purchased for the purpose of providing allotments for persons in the Parish. ACRE had confirmed the Council has the power to provide allotments and if enough residents request allotments the Council has a duty to provide allotments. After some discussion and due consideration, it was agreed that the Parish Council does not intend to sell any of the allotment land.

Still awaiting valuation of War Memorial from L P Finn to enable insurance to be arranged.

Estimate of cost of restoration of bier. Cllr Bearman expected this to be 80.

Retention of plans. SNC have advised that they hold copies of all applications, retention by the Parish Council is a matter of common sense.

Report from Cllr Gittens about Clerk's computer. Cllr Gittens recommended that more up- to - date software be purchased. This will be considered in the budget proposals for next year.

Tree in Field Way. The clerk had received a copy of the contractor's insurance certificate and the work has been requested to be completed in the Autumn.

Speed Watch Cllr Glassett reported that the promotional mater should be available shortly.


4. Open Forum.
Mr Wray offered some licensed software for the Clerk. Cllr Gittens will liaise with Mr Wray. The Parish Council thanked Mr Wray for this donation.

It was agreed that individual photographs of Council members could be taken to be posted on the village web site.

A discussion took place about the unworked area of allotment ground. It was explained that this area of ground was not suitable to be worked and would not be let out for allotments. This would be considered later in the meeting. Explanations as to the Council's decision not to consider the request for purchasing individual allotments were made.


5. Structure and Standing Order Committee report.
A report was circulated. It was agreed not to hold a Parish Meeting in November but to arrange the Annual Parish Meeting with a different format than in previous years. A number of comments were noted and referred back to the committee for consideration.


6. Financial support for village web site.
It was agreed that the Council would financially support the administration and running costs of the web site. The WEA to call upon the Council to help with incurred costs.


7. Public access to the Internet - Northamptonshire ACRE initiative.
Cllr Glassett reported on an initiative to provide public access to the Internet. After some discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council supported the idea. Cllr Glassett and Cllr Gittens would seek further information.


8. Allotments - unused land report.
Cllr Glassett attended a site meeting with an officer from the County's Countryside Services to look at the future usage of the area of land beside the garages continuing in a strip along the stream. Some trees had been planted and others self - sown. The advice given was to have the long grass and scrub cut back before winter and retain all trees. Next year paths to be mown and the rest left to grow. Additional attention to tree planting to be considered next September. It was suggested to plant a hedge along the allotment side to prevent weed spread. Some work may be necessary to the stream bank and the undergrowth will need to be cut back. The Clerk will seek estimates for the cost of cutting the scrub and grass. The Clerk will also write to the allotment holder who has allowed a large amount of rubbish to collect on his allotment requesting that it be removed.


9. Planning.
A letter has been received from Wappenham Parish Council objecting to the application for a golf course on the grounds of excess traffic generated by proposal, road safety for pedestrians, lack of footpaths and intrusion into an area of considerable rural beauty. Decisions:
Detached farmhouse and Garage (outline) Manorview Farm Banbury (Welsh) Lane - Granted.
Change of use from ancillary residential accommodation at Oak Tree Barn to provide ancillary annexe for use as a groom's flat for Stockings Farm (retrospective), at Stable Flat, Stockings Farm - Granted.
Listed building consent 2 Field Way - Granted.
Detached dwelling at land adjacent to 39 Wappenham Road Helmdon - Granted.


10. Correspondence.
NCC new bus timetables -The Clerk has circulated to Reading Room and to Web site.

NCC Notification of closure of Astwell Road, Syresham.

W Forgham (Helmdon resident) copy of letter from Dept. of Environment, Transport and Regions re Central Railway. A copy has been given for the book kept in The Bell.

SNC requesting the Parish Council's views on Tenant's Participation Compact. The Clerk will complete and return this after seeking views and opinions from village residents.

Mr & Mrs Powell (Helmdon residents) noise and obstruction problems in Field Way. Although members of the Parish Council are sympathetic there is nothing the Council can do and it was suggested that Mr & Mrs Powell seek advice from SNC and the Police.

NCC - will arrange for grass at crossroads to be cut more frequently.

Royal Mail - Post box on B4525 at Falcutt to be moved to the edge of the lay-by. Box No 98 at Field Way to be replaced with a larger box with a larger opening.

NALC Invitation to AGM Sat 21st October.

NALC seeking Parish Council's support of Area Committees, some funding available locally. Cllr Brookhouse did not wish to attend these meetings, Cllr Harrold will be asked to attend future meetings.

NALC training 1st November Brackley 4 - 8 p.m. - Help with Audit cost 15 p.p. Clerk and Cllr Gittens to attend.

NCC road safety conference November 11th - Cllr Glassett will attend.

Mr & Mrs Crouch concerned about dog fouling along gravel path. The clerk to contact dog warden to seek advice. The clerk will also write to the School Governors seeking their support in signing the school field as a designated "no dogs" area.

Report following inspection of playground, circulated to playground committee.

Ancient Woodland newsletter.

Local heritage initiative grants available for community based projects.

Forest life magazine.

SNC Animal Welfare - quarterly report - role of Animal Welfare Officer -Annual Performance.

ACRE Village Viewpoint.

Minutes from meeting held 26.6.00 (work on A43 - M40).

Aug/Sept NALC Update.

ACRE Quarterly Crier.

Glasdon catalogue.

Metrosigns, noticeboards and smaller signs available to purchase.

Millennium Auction appealing for contributions.

11. Finance.
After some explanation the revised 1997/98 and 1998/99 accounts were approved and adopted by the council. These are now to be sent for the Auditor's approval. The 1999/2000 accounts would be put before the Council for approval following the successful Audit for those of the previous years.

Helmdon Parish Council Balances

The Council has 5358.58 in an Instant Access Account and a 500 Nottingham Bond.

Cheque No.








Opening Balance





L Willcocks

Salary & phone expenses





Mr & Mrs Francis

Allotment rent






For Petty Cash











Playground Management Services







Rent of school field





ABB Electricity






Softbase Ltd

Computer Monitor






Closing Balance




Routine account monitoring had shown that the clerk was slightly overpaid in July; the salary paid this month has been adjusted to reflect this error. The clerk had also contacted NCC raising concerns about the rent for the school field as an invoice for the current year had not been received. Due to the delay in finalising the 97/98 & 98/99 accounts, the finance committee have been unable to complete the 99/2000 accounts for approval. The delay was regrettable but it is hoped they would be available at the next meeting. The Council accepted the 80 cost for restoring the bier.


12. Any Other Business.
Concern was expressed about overhanging hedges in Shortlands Close. The clerk will write to the householders concerned and ask if they can be trimmed.

Following discussions regarding a planning application, Cllr Brookhouse had met with Mr Lloyd at Fountain House regarding the boundaries. It was agreed that Mr Lloyd will acknowledge in writing that he is prepared to undertake an agreement with the Council that he will provide a strip of land for the provision of a footpath.

Cllr Brookhouse had removed plant overgrowth in Bell Close.

A representative from the Council had been invited to attend the Village of the Year awards. Helmdon had not been placed in this year's event.

The clerk will arrange for the repair of street lights by the War Memorial and Grange Lane.

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