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Helmdon Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

and Police Contacts

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Helmdon is divided into areas;  in each area there is a contact person who can be contacted in person or by phone. They should then contact the co-ordinator for Helmdon who will pass the messages on to the Police.

Contact persons are listed below.

It was in November 1994 that the first, very successful, public meeting of Neighbourhood Watch was held in the Reading Room.  Seventy residents of Helmdon attended, and David Brookhouse was appointed, and acted as Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, until 2007. The holder of the  post is now Bill England.

There are now over 90% of the residents in Helmdon committed to the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  Over the years that it has been in operation it has been very successful. The residents have continued to report any unusual activity, or unusual people in the area to the contact persons, or the co-ordinator, and in some cases to the Police directly. This is a sign of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme working well.

The Parish Council continues to give its strong support and receives regular reports from the co-ordinator at its meetings. The council would welcome any observations on the scheme at the public part of its proceedings.

The Police have brought to the council's attention the problem of house alarms. When an alarm goes off please ring the Police immediately, and they will attend the scene and ascertain whether it has been caused by a break-in or whether there is a fault in the system. Please do not ignore the alarm and assume that someone else has contacted the Police.

Since this is rural area the police look to the local community for its support to control vandalism and crime in the village. This is where Neighbourhood Watch is of great assistance in monitoring and controlling crime.

DRUGS.  Is a problem which residents should continue to be very aware of, for it is not just in the towns, but also in our villages, where there may be dealers operating. Should you notice any unusual visitors or habits among Helmdon's younger residents please pass the information on. Help can be obtained on a confidential basis.

All residents should try to assist if they come across any of these problems.

If any householder requires more information on the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, contact details are below.

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators
A list of contacts you can call should you spot anything suspicious, want to make a report or simply want to express your concerns.

Neighbourhood Watch

Co-rdinator for Helmdon:

Steve Wheeler

25 Church Street

(just below the pub)

01295 768613


Other neighbourhood watch co-ordinators:

Ann Harman
71 Church Street

(top of Church Street)

01295 760415
Janet Lipson
14 Bell Close
01295 768364


Roger Miles
The Old Manor

Cross Lane

01295 768964


Ross Vicars

20 Wappenham Road

  01295 760477


Bob Lenton

5 Lukes Close

  01295 768264



Police Contacts:



Safer Community Teams

Find out who your local Safer Community Team is

and what they are doing in the area.

Click the image below to find out more..........

Contact Northamptonshire Police

Emergency (crime in progress): 999

Non-emergency: 101

Northamptonshire Police switch board: 03000 111 222

Dedicated Watch Line: 01604 432436

CrimeStoppers (remain anonymous): 0800 555 111

Doorstep Action Network (DAN): 0345 2307 702

 Please call one of the numbers above or Click Here to report online.



link to police roadshow 2003






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